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Mini Caramel Apples To Buy

If you want to make mini caramel apples at home, that taste amazing and are the perfect bite-size treat, you have to use this recipe for How to Make Mini Caramel Apples. These mini apples are covered with rich caramel and delicious topping with tart granny smith apples on the inside. These Fall treats are amazing.

mini caramel apples to buy

These mini caramel apples are going to become a family favorite. No one needs to know just how easy they are to make. These apples are perfect for parties and get togethers. Be sure to make them the day that you need them and not ahead of time. The apples are best when eaten fresh and after a day the caramel will start to slide of the apples.

When making these amazing caramel apples, you want to use a tart apple. It mixes together best with the sweetness of the caramel. I like to use granny smith apples. You can use whatever apples you like, but I would definitely stick to a crunchy hard apple.

A recipe for full-sized caramel apples is on the back of the Kraft Premium Caramel Bits bag. There are other recipes out there for mini caramel apples, but the goal is to make them as easy as possible.

Granny smith apples are the best apples to use for caramel apples. The crisp texture and tart flavor of granny smith apples combined with the sweet smoothness of caramel is perfection. If you disagree, feel free to use any variety of apples you like. Jonathon, Pink Lady, Honey crisp, or Gala apples will all be delicious choices.

The best caramel to use when making candy apples are Caramel Bits from Kraft. Caramel Bits melt super fast, set up nicely, and maintain a shine after setting. Of course, you can use other brands of caramel made for melting. However, you might need to adjust the amount of water or omit it completely depending on the brand suggestions.

Cutting your apples into wedges is the EASIEST method since you do not need to be as precise or need special tools. You have the option to serve your apples just as is OR you can skewer them! Either way, the portion size is perfect for kids and adults. You have the choice of drizzling caramel OR dunking the entire slice.

These are the cutest option and offers a fun presentation. You'll need a melon baller to get the right sized apple rounds but kids can help! You'll also need mini toothpick skewers to dunk and serve them on! These look the most like MINIATURE caramel apples so if that's what you're going for, this is the option for you.

Our first two batches were a bit of trial and error. We followed a recipe we found on Pinterest and it was a disaster. The caramel slid right off the apple! So then we tried drying the apple off. The caramel still slid off again, just a bit slower. (kinda funny)

I know you guys have a love affair with all things apple-y goodness just like I do! From warm Apple Pie Bread to oven baked Apple Pie Roll Ups there is just something so comforting about fresh fall apples.

Apples make the perfect snack, deliciously crunchy and juicy and tart. It seems all fall festivities have some type of apple snack and what could go better with apples than caramel dip? I agree, nothing at all can compare!

To make these apple dippers extra fun (and cute) we used a melon baller to create mini apples. My daughter and I were able to get about 8-10 mini apples from each granny smith apple. After cutting them, a quick dip in lemon water keeps them fresh for hours.

All of our apples are shipped in our signature packaging, with ice & coolers during high heat months. Apples are made bi-coastally - and will ship to you from our nearest location, for the fastest and freshest experience.

We make candy apple shopping for your events, business, or personnel enjoyment really easy. Our mini candy apples are made fresh to order and shipped to you for your enjoyment. View our 10 collections of apple types and our unlimited color options.

Microwave caramels in a medium microwave-safe bowl on HIGH at 30-second intervals until melted, stirring each time. Fill a large bowl with ice and water. Insert a 6-inch bamboo skewer into each apple ball. Dip apple balls into melted caramel. Then, quickly dip caramel-coated apple balls into ice water for 2 to 3 minutes or until caramel is partially set. Pat off excess water from caramel with paper towels; roll half of the coated apple balls in sprinkles. Place upright on a parchment-lined baking sheet; set aside.

Melt white chocolate wafers in microwave according to package directions. Drizzle melted white chocolate over tops of remaining coated apple balls. Refrigerate for 2 to 4 hours or until caramel is firm.

Let caramel cool off heat and slightly thicken. Coat each apple with caramel and place on parchment. Repeat for a second round for thicker caramel coating. Place the coated apples in the refrigerator until serving. Enjoy!

Mini caramel apples are easy to make and fun to eat! Make this easy snack from fresh fall apples with your kids. Small caramel apple bites means less mess and less frustration that full sized ones can bring.

Candy apples are a classic dessert, but anyone who has ever tried to make them knows they can be complicated to make. This recipe simplifies the process by making mini bites, which makes the entire process less stressful.

Put the caramel bits in a small saucepan and add 2 tablespoons of water. Turn the heat on low and stir it constantly until it all melts and the contents of the pan are smooth. Keep the saucepan on very low heat while you dip.

This recipe for mini caramel apples takes the full-size version and turns it into a bite-sized dessert. This recipe is perfect for parties for younger kids. The recipe takes some prep work, but it's totally worth it. You can decorate the caramel apples with anything you desire!

These caramel apples really are simple and would be a perfect baking project to do with children. Getting the caramel on is the most difficult part, and is best reserved as an adult job. Once that is done, you can decorate the apples however you would like. We used English toffee chips, pecans, and sprinkles!

It is best to work in batches of 3-4 when you are making these mini caramel apples. Also, be sure not to add more than a tablespoon of heavy cream to the caramel; otherwise, it will be too runny and won't set. I found this video to be helpful in explaining the entire process.

I love these! Yes and they are so messy! My son has made caramel apples so many times he is 12, experimenting, he will absolutely love to make these! I want to make them but I will show him and he will be thrilled! lovely

Mini Caramel Apple Pies are made using fresh apples, caramel sauce and pre-made pie dough. These muffin tin apple pies are individual apple pies, so they are perfect for sharing. You'll love this delicious but simple recipe.

During apple season, I keep lots of apples in my fridge. I also keep delicious jars of salted caramel sauce in my pantry. When my kids were younger, their favorite way to eat apples was sliced and dipped in this delicious sauce, which you can buy at Trader Joe's or another grocery store. I always keep pre-made pie crust in the freezer. So how about making some individual apple pies?

I brushed the crust with a little melted butter and I have not received a complaint about my mini apple pie recipe yet. They might not be like your grandmother's homemade pie, but they taste pretty good. There are no messy hands, and the crust never falls apart.

For some reason, making food in mini form always makes things disappear. Several years ago, I made these Itty Bitty Concord Grape Pies for Pie Party Live, and I think the cuteness factor made everyone want one. Individual apple pies are easier to eat than to cut a piece from a larger one. There is no silverware involved. These mini caramel apple pies are as cute as the ones you see in a bakery or pastry shop.

I use many fall apples for baking; however, different types have different textures and flavors. I like to use apples that hold their shape and are perfect for eating. Honeycrisp apples are my favorite as they are sweet and crispy. I use them in my Apple Galette with Ricotta and Almonds also. Granny smith apples are another great choice, but they are a bit more tart. Gala, Braeburn and Jonagolds are also good choices. They also work in this Rustic Cinnamon Apple Tart.

Growing up in Park City, Utah I always loved strolling the fun shops and restaurants on main street, including a stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a delicious gourmet caramel apple! I love making caramel apples at home with my family and my toppings ideas are inspired by the caramel apples of my youth! 041b061a72

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