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Humanitaire 🇫🇷 "bébés et mamans"

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Haunt Legendas Portuguese (BR) High Quality

Description: A beautifully photographed and haunting tale of obsession and repressed desire played out against the backdrop of a decaying mansion in Santiago. Glum, middle-aged bachelor Don Andres hires Estela, a 17-year old country girl, to care for his wealthy and abusive grandmother. He grows increasingly obsessed with her, blinding himself to the threats around him and his own mental breakdown. Based on the novel by Jose Donoso.

Haunt Legendas Portuguese (BR)

Description: Gerardo, a gay teenager, roams the streets of Mexico City in search of someone able to reveal the secret, hidden between the lines of a goodbye letter from his ex-lover. In his journey through barren alleys and roadways, he is haunted by images: each masculine body he sees reminds him of his lover. Copies: 1 (DVD) Length: 80 minutes

Yes thats exactly what i was thinking, I can read, write and even speak one to one with a person in portuguese as long as they go slowly, but listening to other peoples conversations and quickly translating them back to english or even just making sense of it in portuguese and digesting whats being said, is a lot more difficult to master. I also found some brazillians seem to speak in a muffled accent

There are multiple versions of her origin story, but in all of them she used to be a human woman who became a supernatural entity. The most common version says she got lost in the forest as a kid and died while looking for her way back, and ever since then, she haunts the jungles.

Corpo Seco (Dry Body): A man who was so evil during his lifetime that neither God nor the Devil would take him, and even the Earth rejected him. One day he leaves his grave, his body dried and thin, but never decomposing, with long hair and nails. The Dry Body is doomed to wander and haunt the living whenever night falls. During daytime, they hide inside caves or alongside trees, and passersby can sometimes hear their bone-chilling screams.

If you are wondering where is her tack, some versions say she does have a head, but it is obscured by the flamesMula-sem-cabeça (Headless Mule): If a woman gets romantically involved with a priest, she is turned into a headless mule, also called Burrinha-do-Padre ("little female donkey of the priest") or simply Burrinha, either immediately or after she dies. The animal has a flame coming out of the hole in its neck and wanders the countryside haunting whoever it finds with its powerful kicks and sharp hoofs.

Onça-da-Mão-Torta (Crooked-Hand Jaguar): A supernatural jaguar of the savanah of Goiás that is bridled like a tiger instead of spotted and whose front pawn is deformed. It is said to be the wandering spirit of an extremely wicked cowboy who only died of old age. After his death, the creature started to be sighted around the region, haunting the woods. Its skin is impenetrable to any shot.

Perna Cabeluda (Hairy Leg): An autonomous leg with dark fur that haunts the streets of Recife, in Pernambuco, as well as nearby states, hopping around desert streets and alleys at night. Some versions also say it has an eye and/or a mouth on its knee. It normally attacks drunks and adulterers, though passers-by might be chosen as well, by making them trip and kicking them, sometimes to the point of unconsciousness.

Image by Dudu TorresPorca-dos-Sete-Leitões (Seven-Piglet Sow): Some people wandering around empty streets, narrow alleys, churchyards or cross-roads in the dead of night might hear unbearable grunts and snorts from behind their backs following them. When they turn back, they see the figure of a huge sow accompanied by her seven piglets, that quickly disappears. And when they go back to their way, the sounds begin again. Despite this, however, the haunting often is said to be innoffensive and not malicious, as she normally targets absent husbands and adulterers. When a bad husband goes out at night planning to cheat on his wife, the sow and her piglets begin to follow him, pertubing him with their gruntings. The adulterer can do nothing, since as soon as he turns back to investigate, the pigs disappear as if the whole thing had happened in his mind, and begin their sounds again as soon as he turns back, until he gives up and goes back home.

There are a few versions explaining her origins. In Portugal, where the legend comes from, some versions say she would've come from Hell itself, representing carnal appetites. In São Paulo, she would have been a wicked baroness with seven children who was cursed by a sorcerer, and will only turns back when she finds a magic buried ring in the ground. Karl von den Steinen documented a version in Mato Grosso saying she is the ghost of a woman who aborted seven pregnancies in life (though some versions also say she was forced to do it by an abusive husband, and thus haunts those who mistreat their wives). The myth is most common around São Paulo and Minas Gerais. 041b061a72

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