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Buy Bar Stools Near Me

We offer a wide selection of modern barstools that are great for your space. Wood barstools introduce a classic look in your space that never goes out of style. Metal barstool sets are ideal for creating an industrialized look at your home bar. From stationary to swivel barstools, you'll find the right one in this selection.

buy bar stools near me

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A counter stool is perfect for sitting and enjoying a casual meal at a kitchen island or countertop. Pull up a swivel barstool for drinks, appetizers, desserts and more. Many of these bar and counter-height stools can be a part of a high-seating set for smaller spaces or breakfast nooks.

"Your bar stools and dining chairs are of the best quality I have ever seen and I have seen a lot! We just love love love our new furniture and are so comfortable to sit on, and our friends love them too and ask where we got them from!"

"I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. The stools are delicate in design, but are really sturdy and very comfortable. They just go so well with the house décor, we ordered the same material for our dining chairs. Customer service is amazing. They really work with you and the product is top of the line. Would not go anywhere else."

"I've had two identical barstools for over 10 years. They have been heavily used, but are in great shape and still very comfortable. People are shocked when I tell them how old they are. You can buy cheaper ones, but you are getting your money's worth and more with these!"

Barstools and Beyond is Boca Raton's luxury designer barstool store. Shop online or in-person to see our high-end designs from top designers around the country. Our barstools are warranted, and shopping with us is safe and secure. We offer a wide variety of styles, materials, and finishes so that you can find the perfect barstool for your home and business. Whether you're looking for a modern barstool made of metal and leather, or a traditional barstool made of mahogany, we have what you're looking for. Come visit us today to find the perfect barstool for your home.

Here at Barstools & Beyond, we take pride in the service and product quality we provide to our friends who shop with us. We enjoy reconnecting with old friends, as well as making new ones. This is why we would love to offer your friend, whom you can refer to us in the below form, so that we can extend to them the same quality of experience and products that youve received! Remind them to ask about any ongoing promotions we might have, where they can save on their purchase today!

In an era when self-service and cookie cutter, cheaply-made furniture has become the norm, we stand above the competition in offering you an extensive, yet curated selection of bar stools and dining sets that you can have that day or made-to-order with custom specifications. Regardless of which you choose, you will experience the difference the moment you walk into our showroom in San Diego or San Marcos.

Is your style casual or formal? Perhaps you want an extraordinary dining room for entertaining that is also practical and useful for a busy family. Our extensive selection of dining tables, dining sets, and bar stools enables you to meet every need with a style that complements your life.

We offer a superior customer experience that easily surpasses the competition. We delight in helping you find the right dining table, dining chairs, and bar stools at our showrooms in San Diego and San Marcos. We listen to your needs and objectives to help guide you to the perfect choice. We pay attention to even the smallest details you want, and we partner with you in finding that selection.

I purchased three barstools and was told I could easily attach the tops to the base. When I got them home they were not predrilled or marked. I called the store and Jeff was so nice and accommodating. He told me to bring them in and he would take care of it. I picked them up today and he even adjusted one for me. i would definitely go back and ask for Jeff!

Great selection of bar stools. We bought our bar stools there 20+ years ago and they are still in solid condition. Our kitchen remodel is finding us looking for replacement bar stools. No other place to go!!

This is an update to our previous review. Our chairs arrived early and they are beautiful!. We looked all over town for some chairs that would go with our custom table and these worked perfectly. Thank you so much to casual dining and barstools and John for helping us. We picked the chairs up ourselves and the gentleman at the warehouse were also very courteous and helpful!

First and foremost, THANK YOU JOHN FOR YOUR OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE & ASSISTING US IN SELECTING OUR BEAUTIFUL BAR STOOLS!!!! We walked into Casual Dining & Bar Stools and immediately we were greeted by John. We showed John pictures of our kitchen, so he could help us select the perfect barstools for our kitchen island. John showed us different types of barstools that would be a great ...

Add style and flexibility to your kitchen with some Castlery bar stools. Bar stools can be used to create sociable seating in your kitchen or make your breakfast bar more practical. Ideal for kitchens of all sizes, bar stools will help you get the most from your home.

Bar stools are often placed next to kitchen islands and breakfast bars. Putting your bar stools next to your kitchen island allows friends and family to sit and socialize as you cook and prepare food. If you enjoy entertaining or spending time together as a family, this is the perfect way to make your kitchen work for you.

Choose bar stools that complement your existing interior décor to ensure your new dining area looks the part. Alternatively, opt for bar stools made from classic materials - a rattan or wooden stool will never go out of style and will always look good in your home.

I have a huge white quartz island with space for 2 counter stools on one side of the island and 2 more on the left side of it. I have 2 acrylic seat and gold leg stools with backrest on one side. Planning to get 2 more for the other side. Will it work if I get different ones for the other side in a neutral color and gold without the backrest so it can be tucked under the island when not in use.

Our comfortable bar stools and counter stools are made in America - guaranteed. Amish-handcrafted in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, each and every stool receives the finely honed touch of an expert Amish craftsman. Constructed from strong and durable solid hardwoods and built to order. These superior Amish bar stools and counter stools are the perfect choices for your kitchen or dining room.

DutchCrafters Amish bar stools and counter stools possess true lifetime value. Each individually handcrafted and built to order from the finest solid hardwoods, these stools are held to heirloom quality standards!

Don't settle for cheaply imported bar stools. Many bar stools and counter stools today are mass produced on assembly lines, taking every shortcut possible to save money and maximize profit. These construction methods lack integrity and supply customers with nothing more than a short-term fix to their needs. Buy DutchCrafters and save yourself the hassle!

Buy bar stools and counter stools at DutchCrafters if you are looking for quality construction, solid wood, American made furniture. Family and guests will relax and chat for hours at one of our barstools.

Bar stools available at and in our Amish furniture store come in every shape and size! Whether you want a classic Windsor bar stool, or a contemporary saddle bar stool, or anything in between, we can create the perfect custom bar stool for you!

Our Amish furniture specialists will gladly answer any questions you may have. They can also guide you through the process of customization. You can customize your Windsor bar stools with a swivel, or you can choose cherry wood for your saddle bar stools to really make them pop!

I could not be happier with the product we received or the experience with the person we dealt with. Tom was more than accommodating during this whole experience. We ordered a few hundred bar stools last minute and and we rushed to get them because of an event we had coming up. Tom did everything within his power to make sure that we were taken care of. When they arrived we were very pleased with the selection. After the event we found out we needed a few more to complete our entire venue. Even though the order was much smaller we were treated with the same kindness and willingness to get our barstools to us in a timely fashion. We will be needing more chairs and barstools in the future, and when we do we will not purchase anywhere but this establishment. Thank you for being professional, fast, and accommodating to all of our needs.

Bar stools are meant to be used at the portion of a kitchen counter that is stepped up (usually by 6 inches) from the rest of the counter, usually this portion is 42 inches high rather than 36. Bar-height stools are also the most common match for pub tables. Their seat height is normally 30 inches.

Spectator or stadium stools are the tallest. They are designed for use at a 48-inch-high table or counter, so their seat height ranges from 34 to 36 inches tall. This variety of stool is often used when extra height is needed, like for television viewing.

Still popular is vintage industrial. (Is this the old name for rustic urban?) Honestly, all these stools that mix materials and styles are a great choice for your home. They will almost always work, no matter where you take your design.

Enough on style; what about comfort? Comfort will depend on your personal taste, but you also need to consider whether small children or elderly people are going to be primary users of your stools. Backless stools like these can be perfect where space is limited, or where a minimalistic look is wanted. But bear in mind that most adults will not want to sit there for long, and young ones might find it tempting to lean backward. 041b061a72

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