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Buy Honda Accord 2018

With that backdrop, you can guess why Honda has lavished so much attention on its all-new, 2018 Accord sedan. This is a car that must vie for the hearts and minds of mainstream shoppers, and faces the unenviable challenge of doing so against a brand new Toyota Camry.

buy honda accord 2018

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The all-new 2018 Honda Accord was named the Overall Best Buy of 2018 by Kelley Blue Book as Honda vehicles took top honors in 7 of thirteen 'Best Buy' award categories. The all-new Accord bested every other new vehicle in the market because, according to the expert team of editors and evaluators at, "it outclasses the competition in almost every meaningful measure. It also sells for far less than the average new car while providing more features, better fuel economy and a more proven reputation for quality and reliability."Honda led the industry with seven 2018 Best Buy winners including:

The Honda Accord has been overhauled for the 2018 model year, adding more interior passenger and cargo space, an exciting new engine option, and a vastly improved infotainment system that has already debuted on the 2018 Honda Odyssey. Gone from the lineup are the coupe version and the V6 engine, both of which have been struggling in the sales arena for the past few years. Ever concerned with safety, Honda has made many formerly optional safety features standard across the 2018 lineup, including driver aids like adaptive cruise control. Those looking for a strong hybrid model will be pleased to know that Honda has moved the hybrid's batteries so that they do not add unnecessary bulk to the trunk.

The redesigned 2018 Honda Accord now comes with a longer wheelbase that adds interior space. Also, the vehicle is slightly wider than its predecessor, which adds more space. The elongated wheelbase means that there is extra room in the trunk for storing bulkier items. Even the hybrid model has the same 16.7 inches of trunk space as the rest of the Accords.

The 2018 Honda Accord hybrid is a vast improvement over the previous hybrid model, especially since Honda decided to move the batteries away from the trunk, thereby allowing for more cargo space. The hybrid has many of the same standard and optional features available as the non-hybrids, including optional blind spot monitoring.

Honda is going above and beyond to make more active safety and driver assist technology standard across their 2018 lineup. The 2018 Honda Accord features adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking that comes with the forward collision warning system, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, and a handy rearview camera. Blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert are standard on the models with 2.0-L engines and are optional on the 1.5-L engine models and the hybrid.

One of the biggest issues with last year's Hondas were that the infotainment system was not as user-friendly as some of its competition. For 2018, Honda stepped up its game, reconfigured many of the settings, and made an 8.0-inch touchscreen standard. The buttons are much easier to use, and many controls are now manually-adjustable knobs again.

The 2018 Honda Accord shed some serious weight. This should improve the somewhat noticeable lag on the 2017 models. Depending on which trim you're talking about, it is going to be about 110-170 pounds lighter than its predecessor.

2018 marks a new beginning for the Accord with its all-new adaptive suspension system. Not only is the steering exponentially more responsive, but you can easily pump up your suspension to something a bit more sporty with the simple push of a button.

While some of Honda's competitors are adding built-in WiFi connections on higher trims, 4G LTE comes standard across the 2018 Honda Accord lineup. This allows you to access the Internet from anywhere you travel.

The 2018 Accord looks contemporary with its remodeled front and rear fascia. The hood appears longer, and the roofline has a sleeker-looking slope to it than the 2017. The rear looks more curvaceous and lifted, keeping up with the trend for 2018 sedans.

The biggest downside to getting a 2018 Honda Accord with all of its bells and whistles is that you will be paying more. However, this seems to be the case with most 2018 vehicles, and the Accord is still relatively affordable compared to a few other midsized sedans.

The 2018 Toyota Camry (which also comes with a hybrid model) is the Accord's biggest competitor. The Camry has also been redesigned to be much roomier and less bulky. It includes a lot of the same safety and driver assist features, but the Honda's interior controls seem more refined and user-friendly.

Another competitor for 2018 is the Malibu. It is more competitively priced than the Accord but lacks the horsepower and precision handling of the Accord. It also does not come with as many standard safety and driver assist features.

Honda has long been a top competitor in all vehicle classes, but, for 2018, the company has really set the bar high for midsized sedans. The only drawbacks are the loss of the V6 engine and the coupe, but Honda made the right choice by focusing their energy on creating the best midsized sedan possible. Overall, the 2018 Accord is safe, reliable, stylish, and the embodiment of everything Honda drivers have come to love about this automaker.

For decades the highest selling midsize car in America has come down to the Honda Accord vs. the Toyota Camry. Camry has been the leader in almost every year of the past twenty, but the Accord had caught up as recently as a couple of years ago. The reviews and comparisons done by enthusiast auto publications seem to pick the all-new 2018 Accord as the clear winner in this matchup, but shoppers are choosing the new 2018 Camry over the Accord by a huge margin. Here's why.

2018 Toyota Camry vs. 2018 Honda Accord - Customer Choice DataFor the past two months, the all-new 2018 Toyota Camry and Honda Accords have both been on sale. Last month the Camry outsold the Accord by a massive 40% margin with the Accord selling just 17,677 units. The Camry sold 24,638 units. That alone is a clear indication of just how much the buying public prefers the Camry. The Accord's sales dropped by 10% in January and the Camry's went up by 21%. Last month, in December with the 2018 models on sale by both brands, the Camry almost doubled the Accord's sales with 43,331 sold vs. the Accord's 22,215 sold. Do three months make a trend? November's sales were similar. The Accord has now had three consecutive months of sales declines and the Camry three consecutive months of sales increases.

2018 Toyota Camry vs. 2018 Honda Accord - Reliability and QualityThe MotorTrend story does not address quality and reliability in its story. Yet, that is a key factor to shoppers considering an affordable family car. Consumer Reports gives the 2018 Accord a 3/5 score for reliability and gives the Camry a higher score of 4/5. J.D. Power and Associates found in its 2017 Initial Quality Study that Toyota had a higher than average score among all brands and that Honda had a lower than average score. We could keep going with these quality, reliability, and durability source listings, but is it really necessary? Toyota owns this important category, shoppers know it, and it matters.

New Toyota Camry vs. 2018 Honda Accord - ValueShoppers who are looking at the Camry and Accord are on a budget and value matters to them. Otherwise, they could head on over to Lexus and check out the ES 350 or Acura and check out is TLX. When compared with the same features, the Accord and Camry always come up very close in price. Dealer discounts matter and dealer location always play a role. It is difficult to make a comparison based on buy-price and location. However, one aspect of value is easy to compare - included service. Toyota offers two years of included service. Honda offers none. You are not likely to read that in an Accord vs. Camry story in a magazine with an Italian supercar on the cover.

2018 Toyota Camry vs. 2018 Honda Accord Fuel Economy and PowerAlthough the new Accord and Camry are similar in performance, a test drive will never give a buyer any indication of what their actual fuel economy will be. For that information, they look to the window sticker or to places like Despite having a larger engine with more horsepower, the Camry has a higher combined EPA fuel economy number. Let's face it, who wants a smaller engine with less power and lower fuel economy if all else is equal?

2018 Camry vs. The New Honda Accord - SafetyCar magazines sometimes mention safety, but they rarely go very deep on the subject. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety does though, and publishes a very easy to read guide. The Camry has a higher safety rating than the Accord. The Camry earned the highest possible score, Top Safety Pick Plus. The Accord scored very well also, but could not earn that rating because its headlights are lower-rated than the "Good" score IIHS requires for a model to earn its highest rating. Headlights are part of safety and the Camry is ahead in this regard.

Why More Buyers Are Choosing CamryThe comparison of the new Toyota Camry vs the 2018 Accord is very close. Taste and brand loyalty may be the final factor for many shoppers. Or maybe it all comes down to which has the deeper discount. However, the Camry has higher fuel economy, a larger engine, more horsepower, better headlights, a higher safety rating, included maintenance, a better reliability rating from Consumer Reports, and a higher quality rating from J.D. Power. The Accord has its advantages for sure, and enthusiast magazines (perhaps grudgingly) reviewing family cars find those. Actual shoppers know what is important to them and the Camry was their pick by a 40% margin this past month. 041b061a72

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