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Humanitaire 🇫🇷 "bébés et mamans"

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DYSMANTLE PC Game Free Download

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DYSMANTLE PC Game Free Download

the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where one day a sequence of disasters has severely damaged the world, and humanity has no hope of saving itself. from there, you will journey on a quest to find a means to restore the world by gathering clues about the future. you do this by destroying the world, but this will not be as easy as you think: because you are in a world that is built with the expectation that it will be destroyed, you will be forced to deal with the wreckage and use it to your advantage. the world is well-designed, and great care has been taken to have you explore it by (mostly) building things that you can then destroy, and then rebuild again. you really get the feeling that there is no alternative, and that there is no way out of this desolate, broken world.

the world is a small, broken place but there is more than one way to survive. what makes the game so interesting are all the reasons you must destroy what you have built, but only because it is worthless to you. the game does not force you to have this function, but it is the kind of experience that may end up being your only option for survival in the post-apocalyptic world of dysmantle. if you love exploring an environment that is built around the concept that it will be destroyed at some point, dysmantle is the kind of game you can completely lose yourself in, without being forced to interact with other people and put up with different dilemmas.

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    Maisons d'hôtes & Les Palmiers d"Amel partenaires et ateliers d'activités adaptées en plein cœur du sud du Maroc pour vos enfants/ados en situation d'handicap.

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