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Buy Field Turf

Tired of mowing your lawn? Building the field of your dreams? Creating a batting cage, putting green, or an indoor facility? Purchase ARTIFICIAL TURF today from Turf Factory Direct. With our wide selection, we have whatever your are looking for. Save money and time with a maintenance-free lawn! We have products available for any and all types of applications.

buy field turf

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Through these Cooperatives, customers can purchase FieldTurf, synthetic turf, Beynon running tracks and tennis/basketball courts across the U.S. on previously bid contracts with preferential pricing. Turnkey solutions are available with these Cooperatives through the alternative costing method, R.S. Means and the Unit Price Book (UPB).ts.

When it comes to artificial turf sports fields, FieldTurf is the most trusted brand in the industry. Whether its football, soccer, baseball, rugby or any other sport, FieldTurf fields provide athletes with the safety and performance they need to perform at their best, while giving field owners the durability they want to maximize the value of their investment.

FieldTurf is the leader in football. Our reputation as the most trusted artificial turf surfacing system in the industry has been earned and defended. From the NFL to local high school programs, our synthetic systems offer more than just a pitch for athletes, it's a home. Our artificial turf pitch systems provide industry-leading performance, safety and durability. Don't just take it from us, our proof is in the ground:

Keeping your athletes safe has and will always be our first priority. Every day, we push the boundaries of research and innovation to engineer the most advanced artificial turf systems in the industry.

While no sport can ever be completely injury-free, we continue to find new ways to reduce the risk and severity of injuries. Our focus on safety has led to numerous injury-reducing innovations and improvements. As a result, we have the products and experience to help you provide the safest playing field possible for your athletes.

Independent test results prove that FieldTurf provides leading foot traction for improved performance and optimal release for a safer playing surface.On a natural grass field, players cut, plant, and release in the earth which holds the grass fibers upright. Our FieldTurf system were engineered in the same manner using a unique wide-gauge design to replicate a natural construction.

A study, published in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, compared the physical, physiological and perceptual responses of athletes performing on artificial turf vs natural grass. The study concluded:

We are fully committed to preserving the history and authenticity of the turf removed from New Era Field. We utilize only the highest quality materials and tools when creating our products in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Cost Analysis Check out our unique Cost Calculator which will provide you with an estimated cost for your field as well as the significant savings you obtain by choosing FieldTurf.

Industry-Leading Warranty Only FieldTurf offers an insured warranty with $32 million aggregate coverage, with no deductible, giving our customers absolutely peace of mind for the life of their field.

FieldTurf Classic HD is a high end slit film product and a pioneer turf system in the industry. It provides the highest level of durability with uniquely designed fibers that resist wear and encapsulate infill for a longer lasting field. It also contains the heaviest, patented infill system, providing better safety and shock absorption for players.

FieldTurf XM6 a reliable, valuable monofilament turf system for clients whose priority is ball roll playability and grass-like aesthetics. It contains a thick layer of infill to provide players with the traction and shock absorption they need to perform.

FieldTurf XT a valuable slit-film turf system for clients whose priority is having a multisport field which will be heavily used. It contains a thick layer of infill to provide players with the traction and shock absorption they need to perform.

The BSS 2000 Resurfacing System is a revolutionary Beynon Sports manufacturing and installation process that restores the appearance and texture of an existing track and field surface, and dramatically enhances the feel under foot. Beynon Sports' BSS 2000 Resurfacing System not only improves aesthetics, but can bring rubber sheet good products and aged two-component polyurethane systems to within IAAF performance parameters.

Not only is the BSS 3000 best-in-class in terms of performance, but unlike other full pour track surfaces, the BSS 3000 contains no SBR. Extensive R and D efforts and rigorous testing have been combined to deliver this remarkable advancement in track and field surfacing.

Used Artificial Turf: The Cost-Effective Sports Turf SolutionFacilities across the country enjoy the cost effective benefits of used turf in a wide variety of applications, including practice fields, batting cages, baseball academies, basements and backyards.

Rubber Infill Removed from TurfThe rubber infill is removed from the turf prior to shipping, to make shipping much more cost-effective for the end user keeping costs down per square foot.

Artificial athletic fields are hardy, as they repeatedly withstand multiple tournaments and daily practice. Baseball, soccer, flag football, field hockey and badminton are just a few of the many sports played on synthetic grass. Colleges, recreational facilities and even professional teams are increasingly seeing the myriad of benefits of artificial field turfs.

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf conditions remain consistent despite the weather. Rainy days do not transform artificial grass into sludge piles. Even moderate to heavy rainfalls have zero effect on artificial fields. Why? Artificial grass features all-weather properties, making it ideal for every season.

Players who run, stumble and kick on a natural grass field after a rain shower cause significant damage to the grass. Artificial field turfs, however, remain intact despite athletes playing on them after rainstorms. As a result, artificial turfs eliminate the need for replacement during off seasons.

Natural turf requires a period of rest, which means event organizers will have to factor in this downtime when scheduling games. Artificial turf rarely requires respite. With synthetic fields being immediately available, large sports tournaments can be scheduled at any given time.

With minimal upkeep, artificial fields can last up to eight years. The primary maintenance tasks required for artificial turfs include brushing and watering. Fertilizing to control pests is also necessary. Given the low care needs, artificial field turfs are more economical to maintain than natural grass.

Cleaning is a part of standard turf maintenance. Athletic players spit gum, sweat and introduce dirt to the turf while wearing cleats muddied from walking on natural grass. In addition, sports drinks spill all over the field. To ensure their maximum lifespan, artificial turfs have to be regularly cleaned.

Given the limited amount of harmful pesticides and fertilizers necessary to upkeep the artificial turf, these fields are deemed safe for the environment. Since artificial fields require no mowing, noxious pollutants (which are emitted from mowers) are not produced or released into the atmosphere.

Synthetic fibers retain heat from direct sunlight. Consequently, artificial turf surface temperatures can soar to levels above what is common for natural fields. The high temperatures are rarely a safety issue for players; rather high heat is often considered an issue of comfort for athletic participants.

Coaches circumvent the issue of high surface temperatures by scheduling games and practices during cooler hours. Watering the synthetic field helps to provide a cooling effect. Misting the athletes and ensuring they remain hydrated soothes the uncomfortable effects of playing on hot surfaces.

Considering the low maintenance requirements, decreased need for pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, and minimum watering and mowing, artificial fields are less costly per athletic event than natural turf. Synthetic fields have a high initial price; but, over three to four years, they pay for themselves.

A soccer field or football field is 80,000 square feet. Conservatively, installing an artificial field turf costs approximately $4.75 per square feet. A second cost is the drainage base, which averages $4 per square foot. At a minimum, field managers should budget $700,000 to install a new artificial field turf.

Fibers in synthetic turfs gradually fade after exposure to direct sunlight. However, artificial turfs are UV stabilized, which prevents fading for a set number of years. Upon significant and prolonged exposure to intense sunlight, the lifespan of the fibers tends to decrease.

A new artificial soccer field or football turf field will require several days to install. The installation process from start to finish may take approximately 60 days. Installation is tailored to meet the unique needs of individual customers. Weather conditions, too, affect installation time.

Artificial fields are gaining popularity in high schools, colleges and recreational facilities. High profile sports teams also play on artificial fields. NFL teams, like the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, and NCAA baseball teams, like Illinois Fighting Illini and Louisville Cardinals, play on synthetic turf.

Kiefer USA products are comprehensive and meet the rigorous demands of coaches and players. We offer 100 percent recyclable Mondo 4Nx Monofilament fibers, classic rubber turf fill for durability, Mondo Ecofill Turf Infill that resembles natural grass and Mondo FTS Turf Underlayment for premium shock absorption.

Take team sportsmanship and competition to new levels when you consult Kiefer USA for your outdoor or indoor synthetic turf needs. Kiefer USA representatives are available to answer all questions and offer the most economical alternative to natural grass fields. 041b061a72

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