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The anime had also received high TV rating percentage since its release in April 2022, until the end of its first season.[49] With the premiere of its second cour on October 1, 2022, Spy Family sets a new record for TV Tokyo in time shift audience ratings. The president of TV Tokyo reveals that the series' second part was the "best among all programs on all stations for the July 2022 season", including the first episode of the second cour into July quarter's statistics.[50] Its debut episode was the second most watched in Japanese streaming site.[51] The series took second place in April and later rose and remained in the first place for the next three months (from May to July) in the Japanese monthly streaming rank lists and VOD rank lists, despite the fact that the anime stopped releasing new episodes in July.[52] In a survey conducted by FinT, Spy Family and Anya were ranked first and fourth respectively, on the top trending things among Generation Z in Japan for 2022.[53] In the same survey, "Anya likes peanuts" (アーニャピーナッツが好き) was the no. 1 trending phrase of the year in part due to a mash-up with the song "Renai Circulation" on TikTok.[53] In 2022, Spy Family won in the anime category while Anya Forger voice actress Atsumi Tanezaki won in the voice actor category of the Yahoo! Japan Search Awards, based on the number of searches for a particular term compared to the year before.[54]

Watch Spy x Family (Dub) Episode 6 for free on ...


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    Maisons d'hôtes & Les Palmiers d"Amel partenaires et ateliers d'activités adaptées en plein cœur du sud du Maroc pour vos enfants/ados en situation d'handicap.

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