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Pole Mount

Mount your GoPro to handlebars, seatposts, ski poles and more. The hinged design easily clamps to different mounting locations. The mounting base rotates 360 to give you different camera angles at the push of a button and lets you move between mounts quickly. Fits 0.35 to 1.4in (9 to 35mm) diameter tubes.

pole mount

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Thanks to its impact-resistant and outdoor proven material, AXIS T91L61 Wall-and-Pole Mount suits both indoor and outdoor environments. Flipping the mounting bracket makes it possible to turn AXIS T91L61 from a wall mount to a pole mount (AXIS Steel Straps TX30 are required). The mount is also suitable for corner mounting with an optional accessory.

Pole mounts are a combination of U-bolts with either a J-mount or a L-bracket. Either an existing pole is used. or a mast is installed on a tripod, or another type of roof mount such as a non-penetrating roof mount, or using wall brackets.

Adjustable Range Storm Shell TV enclosure Ceiling mount from 34" to 56". The top mounting plate Can be horizontally mounted on the ceiling or vertically on a wall. It can also be angled for multiple Beam angle options.

David, Thank you for the review. My records show that the pole was over nighted and delivered on at your footsteps on the 12th. Please call us and to see what we can do to make it better.Have a great day.

Traxstech's Transducer Pole Mount, is a versatile, multi-season system that can even be used during ice fishing season in your shanty. Add a 6" section of track to the wall of the shanty or mount it on the floor over the ice hole. Our transducer pole mount works with all brands of transducers, including Livescope, and can be used on a boat while structure fishing or trolling. Simply slide it into a piece of our mounting track and you're ready to go.

The adjustable arm on our transducer pole mount slides into our track system and tightens in place allowing you to index the arm into multiple different directions. Our kit comes with a 5' aluminum pole that your transducer mounts to on the end. The transducer pole has a collar system that tightens up to the pole and can be adjusted up and down to the depth you need in the water. It then sets into the arm yolk and the collar locks into place with a dovetail system that slides in and locks it into place while you are trolling or moving. We have a handle on the top of the pole that allows you to turn and adjust the transducer as needed. The handle also keeps the transducer perfectly lined up so you will know what direction the transducer is always pointing. We sell a replacement plunger assembly found on the side and in a trolling application it allows you to turn and adjust and there are holes in the collar assembly that will allow you to lock it into place if need be. Our transducer mount will work with any transducer including LiveScope. This setup allows you to use it on your boat in the spring, summer, fall and in the winter use it on your ice shanty for year-round functionality of your transducer. It also allows you to take your transducer from boat to boat, or on vacation with you as well.

This sturdy bracket provides a secure platform for the antenna. Mount this to a pole with an outside diameter 2 inches (6.3 cm). In addition, an adapter for direct mounting to a pipe is also available.

Our monitor pole mounts can handle larger monitor sizes with the Adjustable MSU4X6 VESA adapter, which can fit any VESA hole pattern between 100mm (height) x 300mm (width) and 400mm (height) x 600mm (width). Note that the MSU4x6 is only recommended with the heavy duty spring tilter head and without any horizontal extensions. The weight of the MSU4x6 is 9 pounds and must be added to that of the monitor to determine the suitability of the mounting solution.

Our pole mounts clamp firmly to the pole and do not use the tips of screws to press against the underlying pole. Marring and deformation to the pole are unlikely unless the finish or paint is relatively soft.

12U 24-INCH lockable outdoor wall mount server rack cabinets are ideal for applications where your expensive and sensitive network equipment is exposed environmental factors such as dust and water. The cabinet design allows natural wind cooling through filtered vents on the front door. For added protection, there is a water and dust proof polyurethane door joint strip.

The Rigid Pole Mount from ChemScan is designed to be rail mounted. Slide up to remove wand from mount. Pole is cut to length so probe is 1-ft. under the water surface. Includes a quick disconnect - loosen collar to remove probe. Compatible with MPX4 and RDOX probes. 041b061a72

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