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Where To Buy Inline Skates In Nyc

Unfortunately, there are few skate shops of any quality in New York City these days, especially compared to the glory days of the mid and late 1990s.There are just a few shops that cater specifically to skaters, whether they be inline, roller derby, or ice/roller hockey.Even worse, the sporting goods store chains have progressively gone bankrupt and liquidated, leaving almost no place to try on and buy even the most basic pair of skates.

where to buy inline skates in nyc

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Blades was the city's best source for inline skate gear from about c. 1990 until c. 2003. At its peak around 1998, the chain had at least eight stores in the city as well as few more elsewhere. But Blades faded away. In early 2016 they were down to just a single store that didn't even sell inline gear, and that last store closed in January 2020. For those wondering about Blades West, the West 72nd St. store that was a hub of inline activity for 20 years or more, that was the second to last store that closed in January 2016.

The big chain sporting goods store has just one location within the city, in central Queens. The company website indicates they carry Rollerblade, Roces and Tour inlines, as well as a couple cheap brands, but store availability looks sketchy on the better models.

The big regional sporting goods chain, and one of the last of the sporting goods chain with a big presence in the city and that carried some inline skates, even if their selection wasn't that great. However, they declared bankruptcy in spring 2020 and commenced going-out-of-business sales at all their stores a couple months later.

Unfortunately, Paragon also seems to have almost given up on the inline skating market.In summer 2018, the skates were hidden away in the back room of the basement level, where formerly they were only relegated in fall and winter.Furthermore, the selection was limited to a mix of Rollerblades.K2 skates were no longer available, and although there is hockey gear available, rollerhockey skates were not to be found.

Primarily an ice hockey and figure skating shop, but as of early 2019 they also carried Mission rollerhockey skates.Westside originally opened in 2004 selling ice gear and services.In 2006, they expanded into inline and opened a shop across from the Flatiron Building in Manhattan, but in March 2019 they moved to the City Ice Pavilion in Long Island City.

Family-owned store that's been around 80+ years.Advertises as being the largest hockey dealer in Westchester, which means plenty of ice and inline hockey gear, but also carries some recreational/fitness inline, aggressive inline, and ice figure skating gear.

As someone who commutes all over the city on skates, at least in pre-pandemic days when I had places to go, the streets themselves hold a special place for me. And NYC streets are among the most accessible places to skate because of our ever growing bike lane network and a road culture where automobile drivers are generally attentive to the uncountable other wheeled device users along with all the other chaos occupying our roads. That said, the streets can be a daunting place and I suggest getting used to them by attending a social street skating event first (see below). And for those looking to stay off the roads, NYC has so many parks offering big slabs of pavement, which I take advantage of to teach, work drills, and practice slalom.

There is zero coincidence here. Somewhere in our periodic emails around April, Sebastien brought up the idea of my selling things once again. Given that I expected to do little travel for who knows how long due to the pandemic, the fact that skating had already been growing in popularity the past few years with an explosion during the pandemic, and that this surge in interest would likely continue for a few good whiles, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to jump into. The folks at FR helped get me stocked up real quick.

If you enjoy our articles and content at please take a moment and visit our Patreon page. Your patronage will help us continue to create content in our quest to unite all of the inline skating disciplines and help the sport grow as a whole. //

Central Park is skating heaven. The internal "loop" (known officially as Park Drive) is approximately 6 miles around, with plenty of hills to challenge even the most seasoned skater. There are also plenty of spots for beginners to practice including Wollman Rink (inline available in the spring, summer and early fall).

Empire's regular weeknight group skate is the Tuesday Night Skate. TNSskates year-round, weather permitting. The group meets up at Manhattan's Grand Army Plaza by thestatue of General Sherman at 8:00 pm., Fifth Ave & 60th St.(map).This is also the southeast corner entrance to Central Park.

On Wednesday nights, April through October, many NYC inline skaters join theWednesday Night Skate (FB)for the largest weekly group skate in the city. WNS is an independent group with their ownstaff, but if you've rolled with any Empire group skate, you'll see plenty of familiar facesamongst the Wednesday crowd. WNS departs about 8 p.m. from the south side of Union Square Park,corner of Broadway and East 14th St.(map).Weekend SkatesOne of the best ways to explore the boroughs of New York City and its suburbs is aweekend group skate with the Empire Skate Club. We organizea group skate most weekends (and sometimes twice a weekend) during the warm-weathermonths. Pace and distance vary according to the group leader. Most weekend skates startfrom Central Park.

To find out what group skates are scheduled for upcoming weekends, and when and wherethey will meet, please see the Empire Calendar.To check for last-minute announcements about weekend skates that may be caused by achange of weather or other circumstances, please see theEmpire Facebook page.

The Empire Skate Club's premier event each year is theBig Apple Roll (BAR), held in early August. BAR is a multi-dayextravaganza of group skates, social events, clinics, and adventures exploring and experiencing New York City on inline skates.

Now more than ever, New Yorkers are in the mood for the nostalgia and joy that roller-skating brings. The retro, wheeled activity has been around for some time, especially in the Black community, which has been heralding its return to the mainstream again. You can have a summer of skates with our roundup of roller rinks and skate parties. And be sure to suit up with some picks from our favorite vintage stores in NYC.

Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace is back at The Rink at Rockefeller Center for the warmer months, bringing roller skating to the golden Prometheus once again. The roller rink straight from California will host DJ sets, live music performances, concerts, roller boogie nights and skating lessons through October. Before your one-hour rink time, you can use the locker room to store your things and put your skates on. Afterward, you can return your skates before checking out Flipper's at Rockefeller Center merch. (There's also a store at the Channel Gardens that sells gear and merch from Flipper's, including exclusive items made for this NYC stint.) Timed tickets must be reserved online in advance at

Head to Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 2 to skate with a beautiful view of the city. While the roller rink is used by a hockey league twice a week, it is open for public skates most days in the summertime for just $6. It's free on Mondays and Fridays between 3:30 and 6pm. Skate rentals are just $7-$11 depending on the day. If you're looking for some extra fun, the rink regularly hosts themed nights!

It's not a rink per say, but All Night Skate is a bar that encapsulates all the joy, attitude and ephemera of a roller rink and encourages patrons to wear their skates inside by giving them 10% off drinks. Speaking of which, cocktails are designed by co-owner Olivia Hu, who bartended at Sunrise/Sunset. Try the one with the Pop Rocks and chili rim called the "Poppin' Off."

GREBINSKY: Today, I'm the sweep, so I make sure that nobody left behind. And when people cannot get by, I politely suggest to them that they stay back and go to Union Square, where we're going to come back. People tend to listen.

The NYC Skate Marathon & New York 100K 2019.\u00a0Get ready for the best time of the year on skates. Sure, many of the best distance skaters in the world will be there for the most challenging Inline & Roller Skating Race in North America, but the NYC Skate Marathon is open to all, beginners to experts, 5 to 90, inline, quads and recreational skates alike. This event is for EVERYONE. Join the fun, take the challenge, meet skaters from all around the world, try something new or do it again \u2013 this event rocks! You can choose your type of skates and your distance, quad or inline skates, speed or recreational, all are welcome. We have a 5K race (one lap), 21K half marathon (4 laps), 42K marathon (8 Laps), and the legendary New York 100K race (19 laps, 62 miles). Come join us, you will not regret it.

Traffic on the Loop is one-way and can only be traveled counterclockwise. Follow the safety rules and be mindful of other users on the trail, since the Loop is not just for inline skaters. The far-right lane is reserved for the user of joggers, and at some spots, the Loop intersects with pedestrian paths, such as near the Obelisk.

I rode this over two separate weekends, Once from the Wassaic train station to Millerton, and once from Millerton to almost the end of the trail. Picking a favorite section is a really hard call, they both have their pluses. One of the things I really liked is the lack of level crossings making this more of a bikers trail than a walking trail with a lot of trail where you will only see bikes for a few miles. Pedestrians are great, with only bikes there is a lot less stress about passing. I think just about every level crossing has a portalet, even the ones without parking.Wassaic didn't offer much in the way of attractions or close by food, Millerton on the other hand had plenty to offer and explore, there is even an actual bathroom on the trail in Millerton. While it would probably be fine to bike the town, I used the rack and walked it. Lots of interesting shops and food options in Millerton so it is worth stopping. Once you head north of Millerton you are back in open land with the occasional road crossings. There is a section where you ride over a large pond on a bridge that is nice. 041b061a72

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