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Power Up [Indie] [Jtag RGH]

As reviews of games on PSP and Wii U are more common in this site, I would have hoped to see the XBLIG channel represented by polished games, telling the audience that not all is lost for indies in the XBOX marketplace.Oh, well. Good article, nevertheless.

Power Up [Indie] [Jtag RGH]

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Sam "Serious" Stone, a Captain serving in the Earth Defense Force, is dispatched with a small squad of his friends and some soldiers to Cairo in Egypt, which has been occupied by Mental's alien army for sometime. Their mission is to recon with Bravo Team after they lose contact with HQ. Sam tells his squad that Bravo Team were protecting professor Stein, a scientist carrying hieroglyphics believed to contain instructions for powering up the Time-Lock. Sam's insertion goes haywire after his helicopter is shot down by Major Bio-mechanoids and both teams are quickly wiped out, leaving Sam the sole survivor. He makes it into the museum, recovers the data from Stein's phone and transmits it to headquarters. The scientists at HQ decipher the hieroglyphics, which indicates a hidden Sirian chamber below the Great Pyramid of Giza. Sam clears himself to the pyramid and makes it to the Sphinx. From the riddles uncovered from the hierogylphs, Sam detonates the Sphinx with explosives, revealing a secret tunnel underneath the Sphinx and descends into the pyramid. Once inside, he not only discovers the hidden chamber, but recovers crucial information and a bracelet device from the remains of what might have been Earth's last Sirian.

The data from the Sirian chamber reveals that in order to power the Time-Lock, two dormant but incredibly powerful plasma generators need to be activated. Sam makes it outside the pyramid and clears the area for the pilot to pick him up. Sam is suprised to see that Hellfire has arrived. She extracts Sam and takes him to Karnak, the location of the generators. This is slowly accomplished and Charlie Team is ready for insertion into the Time-Lock. Sam is relieved of duty and in the process of being extracted from Luxor, but his helicopter is shot down once again and he is forced to flee towards the lost ruins of Nubia.

There is no regenerating health, instead, there are health and armor power-ups scattered throughout the levels that the player must pick up. Additionally, the levels are full of secrets, where health, armor, ammo and, in some cases, weapons from later levels can be found, following the tradition of the previous games. Some weapons such as the lasergun and the sniper rifle and their respective ammunition pickups are in fact secret-only, and otherwise are not found in the levels normally. There are no puzzles, however the player must find keys, pull levers and find environmental anomalies in order to progress.

August 11th: Felix Domke and Michael Steil announce that the dashboard update released on this day modifies the bootloader, successfully blocking the KK exploit. They also announce that they have a solution to enable homebrew and Linux right from the system power on. This hack would later be known as the "JTAG/SMC hack". 041b061a72

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