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[S3E5] Snatch Game ((EXCLUSIVE))

While the girls prepared in the werkroom, Jeffrey stopped by for a visit and we learned who each of them would be portraying in the game: Priyanka as Miss Cleo, Kiara as a Christmastime Mariah Carey, Ilona as porn star Rebecca More, Jimbo as Joan Rivers, Scarlett BoBo undecided between either Liza Minnelli or Fran Drescher, Rita as Edith Piaf, BOA overthinking her choices of Cyndi Lauper and Rebel Wilson, and Lemon as JoJo Siwa.

[S3E5] Snatch Game

To be fair, RuPaul didn't deliver another H&M-gate moment like the one from season 2, but she was still stern enough for the queens to know that Mother wasn't playing around. After the safe queens stepped to the back of the stage, Scarlett, Charity, and Vanity were the only queens left in front of the judges. "You've been playing it safe," RuPaul told Scarlett. "You've been playing the same note," RuPaul told Charity. "You've been playing a game of catch-up," RuPaul told Vanity. In the end, the bottom two was once again between Charity and Scarlett, who had just gotten a Double Shantay literally the week before.

Later in the episode, Kimiko imagines a musical number with herself and Frenchie. Afterwards, they kiss, and Frenchie leaves the room to get a drink. However, Nina's men snatch Frenchie from the lobby, and when he doesn't return, Kimiko becomes worried. 041b061a72

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