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Free Standard Download Iso 9227 Pdf

EtherCAT is one of the most widely used standards in plastics technology. A large number of EtherCAT-compatible sensors and actuators are available on the market, which guarantees a high level of investment security. Particularly interesting for electrically driven injection molding machines is the problem-free connection of drives from third-party suppliers. Other fieldbus systems can also be integrated as communication layers via EtherCAT.

Free Standard Download Iso 9227 Pdf

The planar motor system, which is scalable to suit needs, can significantly simplify the design of machines and plants and enables new freedoms in machine design. Due to the enormously flexible mover positioning and the very high movement dynamics, it is possible, for example, to divide product flows very easily and individually. Where robots or other inflexible mechanical devices have been used up to now, the XPlanar offers an efficient and flexible solution. The non-contact movement of the movers also eliminates wear, emissions and the carry-over of impurities. The XPlanar is therefore also ideally suited for applications with high hygiene standards, such as those that must be adhered to when transporting sensitive workpieces. 350c69d7ab

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