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What Is The Best Mini Fridge To Buy

The ultimate dorm addition, this Costway option is just like your regular fridge, only smaller (reviewers even say it's just as quiet). It has a separate freezer, an ice tray, a crisper drawer, a can rack and shelving on the door and an internal thermometer so you can easily adjust the temperature. The glass shelves are adjustable to make room for tall items and removable for easy cleaning.

what is the best mini fridge to buy


This one takes the idea of mini to a whole new level: It weighs only four pounds! What makes it ideal for road trips is that it can be powered through your car's DC adapter or a USB port; there's also an AC cord for indoor use. It also has a handle built into the top for easy toting. Though we have not tested this pick, we noted that it also includes a warming function. One caveat is that the coldest temperature this model can achieve is 40F, so it's best for cooling, not chilling or keeping perishables at a safe temp (35 to 38F is an ideal range for your refrigerator).

The Galanz Retro Compact Refrigerator is one of our largest picks, with a roomy interior and three levels of storage plus plenty of door storage (even a can rack). While this mini fridge does not offer a freezer, it does offer a small chiller compartment to freeze a compact ice cube tray. It also comes in red, black and green. Take note: We found the handle difficult to attach.

Standing at just over 27 inches tall, this mini fridge provides enough space for snacks and drinks and can fit nicely under most desks or inside a cubicle. Inside are three removable and adjustable shelves. The door also has storage for up to eight canned drinks as well as space for larger bottles. The adjustable thermostat aims to ensure an ideal temperature for your food.

The Smeg Mini Refrigerator is an Italian-made, 1950s-inspired mini fridge that comes in a variety of colors (black, white, red, cream and green). We love the sturdy handle, which makes the unit easy to open, and the adjustable door bins, which are perfect for fitting taller bottles. Take note that while the hinge is not reversible, you can choose a left or right hinge when you order.

This Cooseon Mini Fridge is a great option if you're looking for a place to store skincare products to help preserve their shelf-life or to chill a jade roller for extra de-puffing power. The illuminated mirror on the front of the fridge is a convenient bonus for bathrooms and vanities. The handle on top makes it easy to reposition as needed. We love how lightweight it is to carry and that you can even use it in your car thanks to its DC adapter.

We spoke with several refrigeration experts, including the folks at Liberty Home Guard, to find out what makes a good mini fridge, what to avoid, and how to take care of one in order to ensure it lasts for years.

When shopping for mini fridges, the most important features to consider are shelf configurations (and adjustability), design aesthetics, and whether or not you want a freezer. Mini fridges aren't generally built to last the way that full-sized ones are, so keep in mind that a good one will need to be replaced around the five-year mark, depending on how much you use it. Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and researches home products.

Between the slick glass shelves (which we like because they don't have any plastic pieces that could trap bacteria and grime), the can holder, a section on the door for two-liter bottles or wine bottles, and a space on top for butter or smaller items, GE's 3.1 cubic foot mini fridge is packed with features. Basically, you could easily live out of this fridge if you wanted.

There are a few reasons this fridge isn't for everyone, though. If you don't store 12-ounce cans, you might find that the can holder on the door becomes wasted space, and while most people agree that the freezer works well, some have found that temperature fluctuates above freezing. The back of the refrigerator compartment also tends to get colder, which you can use accordingly, but it can also be a nuisance.

When you're using a mini fridge for snacks and beverages in your dorm room or home office, you want something small. Since this is a convenience item, affordability is also important. After taking apart fridges and talking to expert technicians, we found that there's little difference between mini fridges. A few manufacturers supply most of the brands.

Frigidaire is a solid name in the refrigerator industry, and the 1.6-Cubic-Foot Compact Fridge is a great affordable, no-frills solution. While taking up minimal space, it has enough room for one or two bottles of wine, six packs, and several smaller items.

The basic wire rack shelf is removable for easy cleaning, and the compact fridge has a chiller for freezing a tray of ice cubes or keeping a small item or two frozen. The door is reversible for your convenience. The bare-bones design means there are fewer components to potentially break down.

If you're looking for a mini fridge that you can put to work in a pinch as either a fridge or a freezer, this is the easiest, most compact and stowable option around, and came recommended to us by the experts at Liberty Home Guard.

Note that if you do use this fridge as a freezer, you'll want to be hypervigilant about condensation and be sure to get a good seal every time you open and close the door. This is basically destined to be a problem with most similar models, so it's important to understand that you're working with a very small, very inexpensively built appliance.

A lot of people build this fridge into their RVs because of its size, light weight (33 pounds compared to most others' 40+ pounds), and versatility, as well as the fact that it can get well below zero degrees and store frozen foods. Some even end up purchasing two of these fridges to store side by side, using one as a fridge and one as a freezer.

If you want a wet or mini bar fridge, look for a model with a (double-paned) glass door. This allows you to keep an eye on your inventory and not have to stand there with the door open while fishing around or deciding what you want. As we mentioned earlier, the longer and more often you open your mini fridge door, the more you overwork the poor little built-in compressor, and the faster you shorten the appliance's life.

NewAir refrigerators are built with the same compressors we found in Magic Chef mini fridges and others owned by Whirlpool. Again, because there are only a handful of big manufacturers, the parts are roughly the same, and so too is the quality. If you really want to step it up and are looking for a wine fridge, we have recommendations here.

While writing this guide, we spoke to David Moreno, a New York City-based refrigerator technician with Liberty Home Guard, and also chatted with a mechanical engineer, and a sales associate at The Home Depot. We even disassembled a few mini fridges ourselves to compare their parts, because, as Moreno said, "what I see with mini fridges is a lot of these manufacturers find a factory that produces them, and license out the name. They're produced in bulk using really cheap components, but they do come at a great price point." To that point, we found that the four fridges we disassembled used parts from two manufacturers, both from the same province in China.

Design: Because most mini fridges essentially have the same components, design is an important consideration. Simplicity is key; as with any fridge, the more complex, the more that can go wrong, according to Moreno.

Our overall pick is the most versatile mini fridge we could find, with room for everything from cans and condiments to takeout boxes, as well as a pint of ice cream or a couple of ice trays in the freezer section.

Size: Within the realm of mini fridges, there are many sizes. Consider what you're going to store, and how much of it. Our recommendations run the gamut from 1.1 to 4.4 cubic feet, which is about as large as they get before being too bulky to fit under a counter or desk.

Usage: The fewer times you open and close a fridge, the less you engage the compressor, and the longer the fridge lasts. I personally have an EdgeStar fridge that's in its sixteenth year, but I only open it every week or so, and often not for months at a time. I also have a Magic Chef model that gets about the same amount of use. It's over five years old, and it's doing just fine, save for some mild clicking once in a while.

Price: While most mini fridges worth recommending fall within the $200 - $400 range, we did consider budget options, particularly for those who don't plan on using their fridge too often. Since all mini fridges have a lifespan of about three to five years, spending a lot of money on one doesn't make much sense, with the exception of built-in options, which require more of an investment. We're researching built-ins for our next update, but for now, Moreno suggests a Whirlpool model.

In addition, the aesthetics are awesome. The sleek design includes adjustable metal shelves and a gentle interior light that gives you an optimal view of your wine selection, and the LED display on the front always shows the interior temperature. Tuck this mini fridge under your kitchen counter, and have easy access to your miniature wine cellar.

Reviewed's mission is to help you buy the best stuff and get the most out of what you already own. Our team of product experts thoroughly vet every product we recommend to help you cut through the clutter and find what you need.

Here at Reviewed, our experts have tested hundreds of full-size refrigerators over the years and found some are definitely better than others. After testing some of the most popular mini refrigerators on the market, we can definitively say the same is true here.

Its fridge and freezer temps are remarkably stable, hovering right around the ideal 37F and -2F respectively. This two-door mini fridge is also the only model we tested that has a properly-calibrated freezer: The other models all run a few degrees warmer than they should on their default settings. 041b061a72

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