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Kanye West - Graduation.rar !!HOT!!

sure, i'm admittedly a huge kanye fan (not a stan type anymore, though). however, i was fairly critical of this record, and i feel like my review was very balanced and focused more on disappointment than anything.

Kanye West - Graduation.rar

well let's just say that his overall discography is immaculate, but this record in its current state is a dud. 2004-2016 kanye was equivalent to bowie in the 70s. but of course, bowie ended up making 'tonight,' 'never let me down,' and both tin machine records, which are rightfully considered duds by just about everyone. i wouldn't say kanye's in his "flop era," but he's a bit past his prime (even if he puts out some good material still). i highly recommend you listen to 'my beautiful dark twisted fantasy.' despite being mastered at an unlistenably loud volume, it's one of the most important albums of any genre of all time, really, and is critically praised/hyped for a reason.

is your fault, really. and let's be honest: i'm sure back in 1964, many people thought that there were artists more deserving of space in music magazines than the beatles and stones, and now look how we view those bands now. kanye's essentially at that level of cultural importance and every music critic of relevance would tell you that.

they're functionally very different. the only common thread is that both are digital audio products sponsored/presented/co-created by famous musicians. pono was an audiophile player for hi-res stereo files, while the stem player is not an audiophile player and it's meant to split music apart for active interaction rather than standard listening (you can do that too, it's just very inconvenient on the stem player). and unlike neil young and pono, i don't think kanye's gonna write an entire book about the stem player in 5 years.

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