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Best Buy Artificial Christmas Trees [HOT]

If you missed out on Black Friday, Cyber Monday Christmas tree deals are your next best option. What started out as an online version of Black Friday has now expanded into a week-long event for retailers. This longer sales period gives you more time to browse and compare artificial tree sales.

best buy artificial christmas trees

Getting a Christmas tree into your home can be one of the trickiest parts of the process, even with the option for real tree delivery. Luckily, many artificial trees are packaged and shipped right to your door, with easy assembly to boot. From full, pre-lit trees to smaller trees that fit in tight spaces, along with flocked trees to make a statement, we found the best artificial Christmas trees to consider.

After hoisting and packing away seven artificial Christmas trees, fluffing branches, hanging ornaments, adjusting tree lights, and arranging presents at their feet, one tree stood out head and shoulders above the rest: Twinkly Christmas Tree (available at Amazon) . However, there are plenty of great artificial Christmas trees in our guide to choose from.

One factor that earned Balsam Hill's Fraser Fir a spot on our list of best artificial Christmas trees is its sturdy stand with wheels. This trait is unique among the trees we tested, and it allows for easy movement during set up.

In the U.S., around 10 million artificial trees are purchased each season. Nearly 90 percent of them are shipped across the world from China, resulting in an increase of carbon emissions and resources. And because of the material they are made of, most artificial trees are not recyclable and end up in local landfills. Not to mention the smell of new plastic is just not as nostalgic as a crisp, fresh evergreen.

There's no getting around the fact that even the best artificial Christmas trees are never going to look like the real thing, especially up close. But when fully decorated and lit, they're still lovely and festive. And based on the type of material used for branches, some look more lifelike than others.

Whether you prefer pre-lit, flocked, narrow, or white, you can find an artificial option that you can make look spectacular with lights and ornaments. We tested and researched artificial trees to find the most realistic ones that will last season after season.

Balsam Hill is nearly synonymous with realistic artificial trees, and for good reason. It makes full trees with thousands of branch tips that make a beautiful home for your Christmas ornaments and lights. The 6.5-foot Fraser Fir comes with three hefty sections chock full of faux needles. While there are some bristly PVC branches near the pole to help fill out the tree, the majority of the tips are more realistic PE. These don't take nearly as much arranging as the PVCs.

The Aspen Fir from Puleo International is a stately-looking tree that's pre-lit with 500 incandescent lights. Puleo includes instructions for how to fluff the tree and setup took about 45 minutes. There are a good number of branch tips for a tree this size and price. As with many artificial trees, there are gaps where sections meet. The branches are a mix of bristle-like PVC and more realistic PE tips.

Target: You can find many artificial tree brands at Target's online site, but in-store it's mostly its own Wondershop trees on display. These range in price from $15 for a 2-foot tall tree to $650 (10.5-foot pre-lit tree). We'll be testing some in the near future and will report back.

Safety: Pre-lit artificial trees should be tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to ensure safety. You can look for UL symbol on the box and the retailers and manufacturers' product pages.

To test artificial trees, I looked at a mix of realism, assembly time and difficulty, ease of connecting lights for pre-lit trees, and how branches held up when decorated with ornaments. For untested trees, I relied on brands that I had tested and viewed in person at retailers in addition to looking at reviews and specs like number of branch tips, size, and assembly style.

Of course, you can also add your own authentic touches, including tree scent fresheners. Not all artificial Christmas trees try to look like real trees, however, with other options including tinsel, feather, wood and metal.

It just wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas tree, and if you've promised yourself that this is the year to opt for convenience over December-long pine needle hoovering, then our guide to the best artificial Christmas trees is here to help.

We think this could well be one of the most realistic artificial Christmas trees we've come across. It's an investment, but it does a brilliant job of mimicking the real thing, with 4725 moulded PVC branch tips (nearly double that of most other faux trees we've come across), and a bushy conical shape that delivers that archetypal Christmas tree look.

One of The White Company's bestselling artificial trees, this conical-shaped Christmas tree is available in three size options; a versatile 6ft tree, a popular 7.5ft option, or a make-a-statement 9ft showstopper.

A good range of sizes, including 6ft, 7ft and 9ft options, a reasonable price point, and a high number of branch tips that result in a dense and highly realistic looking fir tree make this faux option our top pick for best value artificial Christmas tree.

Whilst the 6ft tree starts off at a mid-range price point, the price tag does increase quite dramatically with the larger sizes, but you get a good number of branch tips for your cash, with this tree giving The White Company's Pre-Lit Grand Spruce tree a run for its money in the branch-tip stakes, but offering less than the far fuller John Lewis & Partners options. However, if you prefer the shape of those upswept branches, we think this is still a great contender for best artificial Christmas tree.

Whether you're looking for the best pre-lit Christmas tree or an unlit option, an 8ft Nordmann Fir for the entranceway, or a miniature Norway Spruce for the tabletop, these are our go-to retailers for finding an artificial Christmas tree that you'll be happy to bring down from the loft year after year.

As well as putting up our fair share of artificial trees in our time (hello Ideal Home Christmas photoshoots in July...) in order to compile our edit of the best artificial Christmas trees we grilled the experts on what to look out for when you shop, decoded branch tip numbers, investigated the ideal height to ceiling ratios, and checked out our chosen trees for ease of assembly and aesthetics. We also took into account the wider views of those who own each product via online reviews. Click here to find out more about how we review products at Ideal Home.

The American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA) says fresh-cut Christmas trees are in high demand more than ever. "With growers facing tough challenges related to irrigation, elevated temperatures, and generally dry weather, consumers can expect to find fewer trees on farms or tree lots," the organization advises. So to get the best selection, shop early.

Google is always your best option. You can do searches for tree farms, nurseries and other businesses like Ace Hardware stores and even small local stores that sell trees. Yelp has a nice site for shopping for Christmas trees that can make the process easier.

To help you find the best artificial Christmas tree for your family this year, we've pulled together a selection of our favourites. As well as traditional 6ft and 7ft artificial Christmas trees, we've included half trees, pre-lit choices and sustainable options.

This 7ft Christmas tree is designed to look more like a real Christmas tree, with differing branch sizes compared to the more streamlined, cone shape of most artificial trees. It's 140cm wide and comes with a metal stand included.

Make the magic last with the perfect tree for your home, apartment or office. We have an amazing selection of artificial pre-lit Christmas trees in heights from 4 1/2 feet for a tabletop all the way to 12 feet for a grand entry.

Find artificial trees from Wayfair, Amazon and more in a variety of sizes and for a range of budgets. Choose from spruces to Donner firs. Some of these trees are pre-lit or even pre-decorated. You can also find a smart tree that's Alexa-compatible.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a glorious, joyful tree. After all, isn't one of the core moments of festive season lugging an enormous Scott's Pine or Norway Spruce through the snowy doorway only to find out it's several inches too tall for your living room? Or getting yourself frustrated because you can't find the one broken bulb that's stopping your LED lights from working? The thing is, it doesn't have to be quite like that. Whilst the smell of a real tree simply cannot be replicated, (though The White Company are giving it their best shot with their scented candles) there is something to be said for the no mess, no fuss option that an artificial tree brings.

Why we love it: For the most realistic looking tree, a pre-lit choice is just not going to cut it. However, this is truly one of the best pre lit Christmas trees we've seen, meaning you can officially forgo Christmas lights. It's splendidly done and saves a lot of faff ensuring your lights are evenly spread and there isn't a heap of wires at the back.

If you aren't convinced by an artificial tree but still want a no fuss option, Selfridges are offering hassle-free pre-decorated real trees that even include fairy lights and tree topper, which you can order online now. Created by Moyses Stevens, you can choose from four different themed options, from wooden decorations and fruits to all out glamour. Even better still, the price includes delivery, lights, assembly by a trained florist and the decorations. For 800, we think that's a really wonderful deal. London delivery only.

The short answer is no. There are pros and cons to both options. Artificial trees are mostly made outside of the UK, so the environmental cost of importing them is high. They're made from PVC, metal and other plastics meaning they will not biodegrade and many end up in landfill. However, real Christmas trees are also brought over land and sea to arrive here, having been farmed for years only to be used for a short season. Where a real tree has to be re-grown, re-transported and disposed of every year, the longer you look after and hold onto your artificial tree, the smaller its carbon footprint becomes. Experts suggest that ten years is the golden number here: the age when an artificial tree becomes more sustainable than real. This is why we strongly recommend investing in a beautiful, well-crafted tree that you'll love for a full decade. 041b061a72

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