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Centova Cast Nulled 3 BETTER

out of the box centova cast v3 is a fully featured streaming platform but with a few of those installed, you can stream any audio file! with the latest live streaming option, you can now broadcast your music to your customers direct, with no third party sites needed!

Centova Cast Nulled 3

new station scheduling, chat, mute/unmute functionality and much more! centova cast v3 is fully featured shoutcast v2 and shoutcast v2.1 control panel, you can manage all your djs from here and have complete control over your station!

the majority of the mass produced media dsp's and encoders on the market today are built on the icecast protocol and use the icecast streaming server software. icecast is a powerful streaming server that is both free and open source.

other sources of streaming software can be found on the internet and at most media stores. many of these sources allow the dj to track songs by music and artist name. some of these sources will even allow them to detect music library changes and auto update the library while still broadcasting, others will track changes via a web page. most of these sources will also allow the dj to add a graphical representation of the track on the dj stand.

the main differences between centova v2 and v3 are the amount of features included and the way they are implemented. in addition to the added features, centova v3 is built with the same solid design and reliability as v2. if you find a bug, we are committed to fixing it, in fact, we encourage you to bring your issues to our attention.

  • if you look at the centovacast module page you'll find many examples of how to create page that shows information about your radio station: station name

  • internet address

  • current station name

  • station picture

  • station description

  • station schedule

  • station schedule time

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