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'90s Football Stars Download] [full Version] ##VERIFIED##

1) Barry Sanders: The top player of the 1990s is actually an easy choice. Sanders edges out Smith not because the Lions great's line was "poor" or any of that "woe is Barry" crap we hear. Revisionist analysts will attempt to add to the legend of Barry by resorting to such arguments, but he doesn't need it. Sanders was good enough on his own merits. Truthfully, the Lions of the '90s had a ton of solid players; Sanders was simply the best among them -- or anyone else. His 2,053-yard season in '97, 1,883-yard season in '94 and three other 1,500-yard seasons are testament to that.

'90s Football Stars Download] [full version]


If you're wondering which position is the most common amongst the top 100 players then we've also broken that down too: 36 are midfielders, 29 forward, 19 defenders. The full breakdown by nationality, club and position can be found in the downloadable spreadsheet.

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