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Magic To Win Full Movie Tagalog Version Gma 7 1 |VERIFIED|

Heartbroken and guilt-ridden, Mirabel runs away to the river and releases stress, where a remorseful Alma soon finds her. Alma mentions that the river is where Pedro perished and admits that everything was indeed her fault. She sees that she forgot that what made everyone special was that they were a family ("Dos Oruguitas"), and Mirabel recognizes the burdens Alma carried and never fully healed from it. Now understanding Alma better, Alma and Mirabel reconcile and share a hug after 10 years before Bruno appears, attempting to take the blame for what happened to the house. Bruno reconciles with Alma and the rest of the family (admitting to Pepa that him mentioning rain on her wedding day was not actually a prediction, just him joking about how much she was sweating), and they all decide to fix the house together. The entire village soon arrives to help as thanks for all the family has done for them ("All of You"). After completing the house, Mirabel adds the doorknob her family made just for her to the front door, which causes the house to spring back to life, and the magic returns. The citizens of the town come to see Casita alive again, Dolores and Mariano start a relationship (since it was revealed that she always had a crush on him) and the Madrigals get their gifts back, but instead of using the gifts to be perfect, they are finally able to use them the way they want. Bruno is welcomed back to the family and they all get together for a family picture, this time with all the members, including Mirabel and Bruno ("Colombia, Mi Encanto Reprise").

magic to win full movie tagalog version gma 7 1


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