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True Bond

Dentistry is an extremely important and often missed part of pet health. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends true dental prophylaxis by 1 year of age for cats and small-to medium-breed dogs and by 2 years of age in larger-breed dogs.

True Bond

The Tru-Bond Plastic Bonding (PB) Series of products provide UV/Visible light cured bonds to a wide range of plastics including ABS, polycarbonate, PET, PETG, flexible vinyl, urethanes and acrylics. The adhesive creates a flexible resilient polymer with outstanding impact resistance and flex. These products can also cure through most translucent substrates and UV blocked plastics.

In my article entitled "Your Retirement investments: Addressing the Bonds Dilemma", I quoted 12-month yields for a list of bond ETFs. However, 12-month yields do not best reflect the true yield of a bond investment. No single measure consistently best reflects the true yield of a bond investment, but yield to maturity (YTM), yield to worst (YTW), and option-adjusted yield (OAY) can provide a better measure than the 12-month yields, distribution yields, and 30-day SEC yields often quoted.

Also, you need to be careful because, sometimes, yield statistics are misleading or simply misquoted. You need to compare the yield statistic that is the best measure for the bond investment you are considering to other data to ensure it is fairly accurate.

YTM is a measure of your annualized return if a bond, or all the bonds in a fund, are held to maturity. It accounts for interest and the fact that, at maturity, the principal of the bond or bonds will have returned to par value. It, at least, tends to be the best measure of yield, if none of the bonds involved can be prepaid or the like. (Bonds that can be prepaid are often referred to as bonds that can be called.)

In theory, the principal is reduced by $29.42 each year, so that it equals $1,000 upon maturity; and the annual interest is, effectively, $29.42 less due to the reductions in principal. 1.51% is simply an average of the theoretical interest rates for each year. This is not how YTM is calculated; but it gives you an understanding of what the calculation is achieving, and the results are close to the same. Here is a tool for calculating YTM for an individual bond.

CenterPoint Energy Transition Bond Company IV, LLC is required to true up transition charges at least annually in compliance with the financing order adopted in Application of CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC for Financing Order, Docket No. 39809.

To view Docket 39809 or any docket for CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC's application for a true-up of transition charges, click on the following link to the Public Utility Commission of Texas Web site.

Over time this can create a hormonal, chemical bond between the two players: the perpetrator and the victim. The physiological and psychological tethers of a trauma bond can make it extremely difficult to leave the relationship no matter how toxic it is.

If you are a victim in a trauma bond relationship, you might know the relationship is unhealthy, but you cannot seem to get yourself out of it or, if you do leave, you might find yourself coming back because the feelings are so strong. You might find yourself thinking, well, this is TRUE love.

9) Everything else held constant, if the expected return on U.S. Treasury bonds falls from 10 to 5 percent and the expected return on GE stock rises from 7 to 8 percent, then the expected return of holding GE stock _ relative to U.S. Treasury bonds and the demand for GE stock _.

Access: You have the right to request, twice in a 12-month period, that We disclose to you the personal information We have collected, used, disclosed and sold about you during the past 12 months. To submit an access request call us at

Think of it this way: This type of connection imbues the relationship with emotional texture, adding an essential feeling of security that establishes a foundation for genuine intimacy to blossom. When we feel unsafe to let down our guard, the bond between couples can be superficial at best. "As humans, the need for emotional connection is wired into our survival," adds licensed psychologist Justine Grosso, Psy.D. "It helps us feel a greater sense of belonging, which facilitates general well-being."

"If you care for someone and the two of you have an emotional connection, you care what happens to them and in a lot of ways," Pinnock says. "What happens to them happens to you." Having this perspective will squarely put you two together on the same team, adding more intensity to your shared bond.

Relationships can only flourish if there's an equal effort by both parties. You can tell if you are the only one putting in all of the effort. It will feel like a one-way relationship...because it is. With you both putting in equivalent time and effort, it will strengthen the bond. 041b061a72

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