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Where Can I Buy A Metal Bed Frame In Store [Extra Quality]

As a matter of fact, at Rent-A-Center, you won't need a high credit score** or a big upfront cash payment to get a new Metal bed frame at a price you could only dream about at other stores. Plus, we can offer local delivery and setup for free, as well as bedroom furniture bundles to make furniture shopping easier than ever. See for yourself how it can be to rent furniture for your home when you shop at Rent-A-Center! Start your order online or browse new Metal bed frames at a nearby RAC showroom today!

where can i buy a metal bed frame in store


Higher ceilings may call out for a four-poster or canopy bed. Perhaps a popular panel bed with a flat headboard and low footboard or a low profile design is better suited to the size of the room or to coordinate with contemporary decorating preferences. Add some drama with a glamour wingback style bed. Modern farmhouse enthusiasts will love beds with a worn-wood finish, while industrial folks might opt for a classic metal frame bed. No box spring? No problem! Choose a platform bed and skip the box spring altogether. Bunk beds often fall into this category as well.

Headboards are a simple, stylish way to tie your bedroom together without the need for a whole bed. Simply attach the frame to the headboard for a look as finished as any other type of bed. Slumberland carries headboards in a variety of materials, including leather, metal, and classic wood. Prefer a soft place to lay back? Browse our wide selection of tufted and upholstered headboards so you can lounge in decadent comfort with the perfect headboard for you.

Basically, any bedding will look great with the Tristen Bed Collection. The pewter finish and simple design of the metal bed frame are subtle enough to complement your bedding, room decor, and other bedroom furniture. Here are three of our favorite ideas for bedding to pair with the Tristen:

You need more than a metal bed frame to complete your entire bed. Visit American Freight to shop our extensive collection of mattress sets. We have mattresses and matching foundations in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. Best of all, our sales associates will help you determine if plush or firm is best for you. Read about one of our favorite mattresses, the Legend Pillow Top Collection, here.

We carry traditional spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses. Click here to see our selection or visit a store near you to try it before you buy it. Not sure where your local store is? Check out our store search page. We offer payment plans, free layaway, and same-day delivery to make buying furniture and mattresses easy.

The Ideal base is a metal platform frame that supports the mattress directly, while also providing extra room for under bed storage! The Ideal base is made of metal and has 12 points of contact on the floor. Place the mattress directly on top of the base, no need to purchase a box spring! The Ideal base is perfect for everyone that needs more storage room.

Selecting a product made from healthy materials is an important component of shopping for your new platform bed. I always look for solid wood over plywood or particle board because the majority of the odor and toxic out-gassing in a furniture product can come from the glue that is incorporated into its construction. A solid wood bed frame is generally made with little to no glue. If glue is used, it is usually water based and does not offgas once cured. In contrast, veneered particle board has a tremendous amount of glue in it, and the type of glue used often contains formaldehyde and other toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. These chemicals that the glue is made from continue to outgas from the product and into the air for years. Avoiding these chemicals is key, so solid woods or even metal is a healthy choice. Metal, like solid wood, is mostly neutral (i.e. does not out-gas toxic chemicals) as long as the finish is not toxic.

Another potential health concern to be aware of is the type of stain or finish that is used on the bed frame. Stains are not as unhealthy as particle board or plywood because once a stain cures it is mostly inert whereas the glues in particle board and plywood will release odor and chemicals over time. For people highly sensitive to odor or interested in avoiding as many chemicals as possible, I suggest natural platform beds with low or zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) finishes or completely unfinished. Read our article on how to find a low or zero VOC bed frame.

In contrast, mortise bed rail fasteners use an angled hook that tightens as you put weight on the bed and continues to self tighten over time. Pictured below are two different bedrail fastener systems where the metal hook latches onto a metal fitting.

Mattresses, especially organic latex mattresses are heavy, so it is best to put them on a natural wood platform bed that has a strong base with proper slats, a center support, and made with strong materials that have metal on metal connections. Choose a solid wood bed frame or metal bed frame to compliment your healthy organic mattress and keep the air in your bedroom clean from VOCs.

The most basic bed frame is a metal frame, built or adjusted to the dimensions of your mattress. Basic frames come in every standard bed size: twin, full, queen, king, california king, and XL sizes. Basic metal frames often come on wheels and can be adjustable. 041b061a72

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