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A Comprehensive Guide to Concept Of Physics HC Verma Vol 2: Everything You Need to Know

concept of physics (volume 1) is a book that educates its readers about the basic level physics. it not only helps the students in the school but also offers an easy to understand approach for the aspirants preparing for the medical and engineering examinations. this book by h. c. verma consists of innumerable solved practice sets and also numerical exercises. the book gives you a clear understanding of physics and also educates about the starting chapters in physics like concept of forces, newtons law, friction, work, energy, gravity, motion, mechanics, sound, waves etc. overall, this book is meant to clear the basic understanding of physics and its approach.

Concept Of Physics H C Verma Volume 2 Full Book

when you are in class 11 physics is the most important and interesting subject which needs the application of basic mathematics and its application. before moving forward one must understand the books which they required to refer in start from your school text book like ncert or any other recommended book of physics. apart from the recommended school textbook you need one reference book which consist of good theory and questions.

hc verma ph.d. in physics from indian institute of technology kanpur, is one of the first indian to be selected for australian university of queensland in 1986 for phd research. he received his ph. in 1988 under the guidance of professors r c sharma, l a budhani, and v b pande. after his doctoral degree, he came back to india in 1989. he was a lecturer in the department of physics of iit kanpur from 1990 to 2003. in 2004, he joined department of physics at iiser, thiruvananthapuram. there he was the head of the department from 2005 to 2009. he was the deputy director of the centre for high energy physics, department of atomic energy, govt. of india from 2011 to 2013. from 2013 to 2018, he has been the director of the department of physics of iit kanpur.

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