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Rose Plays Julie EXCLUSIVE

As the title expresses, "Rose Plays Julie" is a film about the disguises we wear either by choice or unconsciously, the identities we choose to present to the world, as opposed to who we are when we're alone behind closed doors. Masks serve multiple purposes. They can conceal the truth. They also reveal the truth. When Rose puts on the wig and "plays" Julie, she can express herself for the first time. She's like Sleeping Beauty coming out of a trance. For Ellen, disguises are the tricks of her actress trade. Ellen is seen wearing various costumes throughout, a red nun's habit with white wimple, an 18th-century gown, a contemporary police officer's uniform. But there are other disguises she's used, invisible ones she's used to get through her life. Peter's disguise is the most damaging, and the most necessary (for him). He hides in plain sight. No one would guess.

Rose Plays Julie

Craft is crucial in this regard. Strong work from DoP Tom Comerford plays into ideas of loss, illusion and a sense of life slipping from its moorings. In effective contract to the psychological tumult of the story, camera movements are deliberately languid, shots long-held and framing contemplative. Pivotal scenes, including the wind-swept coastal sequences which bookends the film, are exquisitely composed. 041b061a72

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