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Fun and Easy Wedding Games for Guests of All Ages

If you're up for another wedding DIY project, head to the hardware store for some lumber and request that it is cut into 54 block-size pieces, which you can then stain or paint or otherwise customize however you'd like.

wedding games

Up the stakes with your photo scavenger hunt by turning it into a contest where you'll vote for the best photo in each category after the wedding. This way, your guests will go for quality photos, not just quantity. And don't forget to remind guests who are playing to use your wedding hashtag on social media so you can easily find all the fun snaps!

You could even choose to marry at a wedding venue with its very own fairground! Yes, you read that right - Marleybrook House in Kent has the UK's largest private fairground on site, as well as offering vintage garden games for your drinks reception.

Treasure hunts are fantastic games to play, particularly if your reception space has lots of little nooks and crannies. Leave this scavenger hunt on each of the tables and see which team can complete the hunt first!

When it comes to your wedding day, there are plenty of moments that can be injecting with some good old fashioned fun! You can enquire with your wedding venue as to whether they permit firework displays, incorporate one of the wedding games above and outdoor wedding games, hire a photo booth, or get creative with some alternative food ideas.

Wedding ring toss game

Wedding cornhole boards

Wedding ladder golf set

Wedding giant connect four

Wedding lego creations

Wedding giant dominoes

Wedding mad libs cards

Wedding life-sized jenga

Wedding croquet set

Wedding horseshoes game

Wedding trivia cards

Wedding bingo cards

Wedding scavenger hunt

Wedding photo booth props

Wedding pin the tail on the donkey

Wedding tic tac toe board

Wedding lawn bowling set

Wedding bean bag toss game

Wedding word search puzzle

Wedding crossword puzzle

Wedding sudoku puzzle

Wedding memory game cards

Wedding guess who game

Wedding charades cards

Wedding pictionary cards

Wedding karaoke machine

Wedding dance floor games

Wedding musical chairs game

Wedding limbo game

Wedding freeze dance game

Wedding cake smash game

Wedding newlywed game questions

Wedding shoe game questions

Wedding truth or dare cards

Wedding would you rather cards

Wedding never have I ever cards

Wedding I spy cards

Wedding find your partner game

Wedding couples quiz game

Wedding kiss the bride game

Wedding dress up game

Wedding bouquet toss alternatives

Wedding garter toss alternatives

Wedding balloon pop game

Wedding piñata game

Wedding fortune teller game

Wedding origami game

Wedding puzzle pieces guest book

Wedding escape room game

Wedding murder mystery game

Feeling adventurous? Tie the knot at Marleybrook House and after your wedding breakfast, guests will head down to their fairground to enjoy 2 hours of thrilling fun. Who else can say they whizzed around a rollercoaster at a wedding?

There are tons of games you can play at your wedding reception. Classic games such as Jenga and croquet are fail-safe crowd-pleasers and if you are having younger guests they can get involved too. It is also a great idea to lay out some ice breaker games at your wedding reception as this is when your guests will mingle - if they don't know each other well, they will do after a round of truth or dare!

If your wedding venue has outdoor space, setting up garden games outside will ensure everyone has ample room to play. Your wedding table games should be laid out as part of your wedding tablescape so that guests can play as they wait to be served or after eating.

What better way to get those cute candids than setting your guests up for the task! Provide each table with a disposable camera and send your guests on a challenge to capture 20+ specific wedding moments. Or, if you want to post on social media you can get guests to use their phone use your personalised wedding day hashtag!

Everyone loves a classic game of Jenga, but how about a giant version of this block-stacking game to spice things up? This is perfect for an outdoor wedding reception and only needs a flat area like a tabletop or some grassy ground.

Add (even more) pressure to the speech makers of the wedding by giving your guests a copy of wedding speech bingo! You can personalise these with a DIY version or ask your wedding stationary supplier to create some cute bingo cards to match your wedding invites and theme.

Planning a wedding but not sure how to keep your guests entertained all day apart from the traditions like the cake cutting or bouquet toss? We've put together 10 tips for fun wedding reception games that the newlyweds and all their guests will enjoy.

Don't force everyone to participate. Not everyone is comfortable being the center of attention in front of all the wedding guests. Let your guests volunteer. Finally, choose a person to be in charge of each activity so there are no unnecessary gaps between activities.

This wedding game will keep your guests entertained during short breaks throughout the day. Plus, you'll get lots of unique wedding photos directly from your guests. ? At any time during the wedding reception, the newlyweds announce a short photo contest for the best photo. ? It may be a contest for the best group selfie, best kiss, best cake photo, or a photo with guests over 60 to get the grandparents involved too. Keep all the photos and add them to your wedding photo book ? or print them for your wedding album. ?

If you are having an outdoor reception, there are many fun outdoor games that your guests will love. You can try the classic block-stacking game Jenga. Place the tabletop version on tables or prepare a life-sized version. ? You can even paint the blocks in your wedding colors.

Corn hole, or beanbag toss, is another fun and easy-to-set-up wedding game that you can enjoy outside. You can make this game just for kids or you can let all guests try their hand at it. ? To make the game match your wedding decor, create a custom board with the names of the newlyweds or wedding date.

In addition to the photo scavenger hunt, a photo booth is another great and fun way to have a wedding that will leave you with lots of photos to remember it by. Create a photo booth, adding different props to make each photo unique. ? Ask your guests if anyone has an Instax at home, or rent one, and let the imaginations of your guests run wild. ? Place a wedding guest book right next to the photo booth so guests can immediately add photos to their words of congratulations.

Reminisce about all the beautiful moments of your relationship and your childhood together with your guests. Put together all your favorite photos ? and videos ? and make a slideshow for the guests. If you don't feel like getting a projector and making a slideshow, print all your favorite photos and create beautiful wedding decorations. ? The whole wedding venue will tell your love story all by itself. ?

A wedding party wouldn't be complete without all the dancing. ?? Put a fun spin on it and add dance challenges to the dance floor. Help guests sitting at the same table bond by giving each wedding table their designated song. ? When their song is played, the whole table must rush to the dance floor to get things moving. Or, try a dance challenge using a balloon. ? The rules are simple - Couples dance while holding a balloon between their heads or bodies. If the balloon falls, they lose. The last couple dancing wins.

Weddings are all about customs and rituals, but there is no harm in adding fun wedding games to make the affair lively and enjoyable. With lip-smacking delicacies, amazing music, and drinks, games are now included in most weddings to make the day memorable for the couple, their families, and other guests.

If you and your partner are tennis fans, enjoy a tennis game at the wedding. Decorate the tennis racket and balls with attractive designs and colors to match the wedding vibes. Play and let the photographer capture candid shots.

An exclusive game for the bride and groom can be a good addition to the wedding event. Invite all the guests and ask them to vote on whose face they would like to see the delicious cake. The one with the maximum votes will have the cake smashed on their face.

This wedding game can ignite romance between the couple. The bride and groom have to write a poem for each other using rhyming words. Even the guests can join the fun by penning down poems for their spouses.

It is an amazing game to add to your wedding event that involves several players. You would need a board with several holes on it and two sets of colored discs. Color the pieces to match your wedding theme. Now place four discs of the same color to form a row and gain a point. Both children and adults can enjoy the game at the wedding and create excitement around.

Corn hole is one of the perfect and amusing lawn games for your wedding event. Get a wooden board and some corn bags. Paint the board to match the hues of the party. You may also add some pictures, messages, or dates on the board for decoration. Throw the corn bags in the hole, from a distance, to fetch the points.

One more game to play on the lawn is ladder golf, where the point is scored by throwing the bolas on the rung. Bolas are two balls attached by a rope. The ladder consists of three rungs, with the top rung having the highest point, followed by the middle and lower ones. When the bolas is thrown at the ladder, the rung at which it gets struck will decide the point. You can decorate the ladder and bolas with colors and wedding designs.

Hold all the sticks and drop them on the ground. Let your guests pick them up one by one without moving the other sticks. The steadiest person will be the winner. You can color the sticks as per the wedding theme.

The classic game is at the top of all-time favorite games. You can bring your twister mat or even spray paint on the grass to make colored patches. Ask the opposite team to use their flexibility and perform as you call out the color and the hand or feet to be used. Play with a signboard or music and enjoy to the fullest.

Hula hooping is a great way to enjoy playing outside, especially if your wedding venue is the beach. Wrap the hula hoops with the wedding colors and click pictures with the guests while hula hooping. No competition is required here.

Organize family rounders with bat and ball during your wedding event. Full of laughter and fun, it can entertain the guests. This is a striking game where rounders or points are scored by hitting the ball and then taking a round of the circular pitch. Make teams for the bride and groom and arrange prizes for the best player and the winning team.

No one can deny including volleyball in your wedding event. Host a volleyball match for the guests, make teams, and include personalized caps and tees. To make the event memorable, add finger foods and music, too.

Perfect for a summer evening, it is a must-game to be added to the wedding list. From young children to adults, sack races can be played by putting both the legs into the sack and then hopping steadily to reach the target point. The person who reaches the target first wins. To make it more attractive, get colorful and printed sacks that match the wedding décor.

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