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Samples Depot - 20,500 Diva Presets Bundle REPACK

"When I heard the samples from the Deep Premium Pack II back in the day I was instantly hooked and knew I have never heard better sounding and better fitting drum samples for the sound I wanted to do, but could not quite get together. After I bought the first samples I fell in love with some synth presets, before I took all classes on sound design to make my own sounds. In the meantime we started cooperating and I have access to all sounds and samples (which is great), but I also contribute a lot of templates and samples myself. I am very happy for the opportunity to present my sounds to the big PML community and hope everybody out there now feel about my packs how I once felt."

Samples Depot - 20,500 Diva Presets Bundle


This bundle is sold "as is" and includes only the presets in the bundle at the time of your purchase. To check what Edition of the Diva Preset bundle you own, log into your account here and check your order history or send us an email at support (at) if you have any other questions. 041b061a72

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