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Best Place To Buy Lift Chair

USM offers a variety of lift chairs designed to provide you with increased mobility and to improve your quality of life. At USM, choosing the right liftchair is as easy as clicking your mouse button. Just try out our lift chair wizard and you will be asked a series of questions regarding your size, build, and desired features. Once you have selected your lifting chair, call our experts to get special offers.

best place to buy lift chair

At USM, we have provided 100's of thousands of customers with the right lift chair for their needs. We are lift chair experts and actually are the first company to sell lift chairs online starting in 2000 when Pride and US Medical developed the first drop ship program for lift chairs, mobility scooters, and power chairs. Unlike the big box retailers of today we actually have staff members that will help you select the correct lift chair to fulfill your needs at prices unmatched by our competitors. Size and design do count when it comes to lift chairs and your comfort. Let us help you select the correct lift chair solution.

Value - We guarantee that you will not find a better total value on any lift chair anywhere else. We are so confident of our low prices that we will refund 150% of the purchase price if you find the same liftchair at a lower published price anywhere else. Our prices are so low that the manufacturers refuse to let us publish them! For an even lower price call us at 1-800-790-5104 or simply sign up for e-coupons to get our latest discounts. And remember, at USM you never pay for shipping on your new lifting chair within the continental US.

Service - When you call most companies to purchase a mobility product, you may not even be talking to a native English speaker. Not the case with USM. When you call our dedicated toll-free lift chair number, you will be connected immediately to a factory trained specialist. No hold times, no wait, no hassle. That is the USM promise. In addition, if you ever have a problem with your purchase, we are available 7 days a week to assist you.

Selection - With literally hundreds of fabric, color, and style combinations to choose from, it's easy to see why USM is the premier provider of lift chair recliners on the Internet. No matter what your home decor, we have an electric lift chair to match.

Do you have a fairly tight area in your living room to place the chair? Does it need to be against a wall? Models are available that can start against a wall and slide open forward without banging into the wall behind it. Standard models both slide out and backwards, which may be a problem in tight areas.

The best power lift recliners increase the quality of life for the elderly and people with disabilities, allowing them to reach a standing position quicker and enjoy a reclined position at different angles for napping, resting, and performing activities. Our evaluation focused on the seat and back width/depth/height, upholstery, recline range, massaging/vibrating function, and dual motors for independent movement of the back and footrests, creating a greater variety of seated positions. Power lift recliners can really make a difference in the health wellness of both disabled and able-bodied folks, so we made sure to get the best for this list.

This electric lift chair is easy to operate, using two push-button remotes that set it to various recline positions. A separate leg lift operates independently from the reclining back, allowing users to place their legs up without reclining. This chair features a nice vibrating massage function and also includes eight vibrating nodes and a waist-high heating mechanism (one of only 2 picks on our list to offer it) activated in 10, 20, and 30-minute intervals. Heated and massage seats assist with improving blood circulation and provide a buffer of warmth in cooler temperatures.

Another plus is its two USB ports for device charging and two cup holders on opposite armrests. A one-year warranty on the lift/recline mechanism, frame, and electronic parts is offered. Its anti-pill and anti-felting fabric also holds exceptionally well even after sitting on them for a long time, and it has a maximum weight of 320lbs. Check out the best office chairs for under $100 for a good budget chair.

Our #3 Pick is the Irene House Electric Power Lift Recliner Check PriceWHY WE LIKE IT: This electric power chair is solid across the board, with dual motors for independent backrest/footrest positioning, completely flat recline ability, soft cushioning, and a 300-pound weight capacity. It is an excellent power lift recliner for anyone prioritizing naps equal to or more than seated positions, with its ability to fold completely flat.

Our #4 Pick is the Giantex Power Lift Chair Recliner Check PriceWHY WE LIKE IT: This power lift chair is a smooth operator, featuring a quiet lift and recline operation, super comfortable, and odor-free, high-density foam This makes it an excellent choice for elderly and limited mobility users who would prefer a budget, non-leather, basic chair with a more breathable fabric better suited to warmer environments.

And while the fabric appears thin, with that, you also get a breathable and comfortable chair, maintaining its shape even after repeated uses. Its backrest is firm and supportive, helping to alleviate muscle fatigue. Assembly is also a breeze, with a two-piece, sliding track construction easily achieved in five minutes. The best office chair for lower back pain is also a big help for those with mobility issues.

1,354 ReviewsOur #5 Pick is the CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair Check PriceWHY WE LIKE IT: This power lift recliner chair is solid across the board, with super plush, a highly creased, overstuffed padded construction with extra wide armrests and clean sewing patterns for design/comfort, near-vertical recline, and a silent electric motor. It is a value choice for limited mobility users preferring comfort and design over function (manual reclines required).

Dimensions are 34 x 39 x 41 inches, with a seat height of 17.7 inches and a max weight capacity of 300 pounds, making it one of the biggest on our list. Backrests can be adjusted up to 145 degrees for one of the closest angles to a nearly flat position, one of the best lift recliners for the elderly. It also comes with side pockets to store smaller items, such as notebooks and television remote controllers. The best office chair under $300 also has some good options.

Our #6 Pick is the Lift Chairs for Elderly Check PriceWHY WE LIKE IT: This lift chair offers steady performance, an overstuffed, high-density construction, high weight capacity (330 pounds), and reclining ability up to 160 degrees, second on our list to the flat-folding MCombo and Irene House. It is a solid choice for elderly and limited mobility users who do more resting and napping over activities such as TV watching or crocheting.

Upholstery is decent for the class, made using polyurethane synthetic leather with a microfiber weave that is easy to clean. An independent footrest also allows for different leg positions. The lift mechanism, frame, and electronic parts carry a one-year warranty, which is about average for the list. Check out the best standing desk while you are looking. While the best office chair under $200 has some great options as well.

In determining the best power recliner to buy, one should take into consideration overall dimensions, upholstery, weight capacity, recline ability, dual motors for controlling the backrest and footrest, and controls. We looked for a wide base for heavier people with a minimum weight capacity of 300 pounds (non-lifted) to prevent the lift mechanism and motor from wearing out. Also, have a look at some gaming chairs for comfort while playing.

Lastly, we also looked for chairs that reclined to a minimum of 140 degrees for more versatile seating and resting position. Dual motors were also preferred, with backrests and footrests operating independently for greater comfort and a wider range of seating positions. Bonus points were then awarded to chairs with heating and massaging functions strategically placed throughout the chair as it can help alleviate joint and muscle fatigue.

We took into consideration the top features and comfort when reviewing the best lift chairs. Of course, there are many other options to weigh when reading power lift recliner reviews. But, to find the right, high-end power recliner lift chair, keep these main features in mind before you buy any good power lift recliner chair.

A lift chair recliner is a commonly used piece of medical equipment and these are generally regarded as a staple in any professional medical institution such as nursing homes and retirement communities. A lift chair recliner uses a motorized lifting mechanism to control the angle at which the chair is positioned. When elevated, these chairs make sitting or standing much easier.

A lift chair recliner can come in a variety of different sizes to suit the individual or patient in question. Typically, a lift chair recliner can effectively lift a maximum of 350 lbs to 700 lbs, depending on weight limits of the chair. Lift chair recliners can be purchased in a variety of fabrics and colors to suit any taste and design.

Kansas City Home Medical Supply stocks a wide variety of lift chair recliner products manufactured by leading providers including Golden Technology. With many options available to choose from, you can easily find the chair to suit your needs.

Yes, this is normal, especially for lift chairs that have been frequently used for some time. Some people find success in alleviating the creaking sound when using the chair by using a thin oil to lubricate the pivot points on the back or underneath the chair.

While every lift chair is different, you should expect them to be heavier than most normal chairs, due to the mechanisms within the chair. On average we see lift chairs weighing between 100-200lbs. We definitely recommend lifting and moving lift chairs with 2 or more people. 041b061a72

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